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Lolga helps you ride freely at the Forza Horizon 3

Xbox One Edition [Extreme Racing: Horizon 3] official version of the first three hours of stand-alone experience, the first hour of the contents of the basic and demo version of the game, like to introduce the game game mode or something. Horizon 3 supports Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, but no Chinese voice. This will bring the players to the beautiful Australia, the map environment is no longer as monotonous as 1 and 2 generations, in the horizon 3 where we can in the jungle desert plain coastal city villages and sand on the free ride.

This is perhaps the best racing game so far, in the game can get a variety of fun. Game system and play in fact and the former is not very different, are the extreme racing series has been routines. Before the two play to the late may be the existence of aesthetic fatigue, the map environment is relatively monotonous city and plain. Horizon 3 for this make it obvious that the production team in the map environment under a lot of effort, through the diversity of the scene to increase the game’s playability, the details of the map is also a lot of rich.

The game in the play on the integration of more online elements, the game blueprint allows players to customize the rules are played and shared to friends. In the street can still be the same as before and other players of the AI ​​vehicle for immediate match 1 to 1, automatically generate the track. This time also added a team system, is not yet fully understand what mechanism, seemingly in the game if there is a team of their own editing team AI car after the completion of the game will increase the reward? Also in the streets will encounter other AI team, looks like a multi-vehicle car to compete for a pair of 3?

FH3 uses a similar setting to the previous generation, one of the real Drivatar, the essence is still a good route or computer-controlled AI, giving a feeling like a PVP. The first time the players are friends, even if your friends did not buy FH3, will appear in Drivatar, even in the world around, from time to time the “players” also dotted your boring way – although most of the time you just And they pass by or hit a seven dirty eight elements.

FH3 sound engine is more perfect with the online Streaming work. When the car into the Forza Festival area, the background music with a surround sound effect; and racing wading, the music volume is appropriate to narrow, with a beautiful voice of the water. It must be noted that there are small flaws, such as a music clip repeat play, there is no support for random play, each time a fixed order. This design can give a perfect score.

Online multiplayer mode has not experienced, looked at this for the new cooperation online plot mode. There are adventure mode and roaming mode, roaming mode similar to GTAOL, into a room which has a lot of players, you can play together. Adventure mode is not clear what is it.

In general, the extreme racing: Horizon 3 looks like no shortcomings. The only drawback is that the menu system, although the difference between the former and the former, but can optimize the better now feel some complicated and complicated. Picture aspect XBOXONE this performance has been very extreme, 1080P stable 30 and the same as the last. In the dynamic fuzzy blessing under the actual performance is very good, the effect of rainforest too praise. The rain effect should start from the horizon 2’s DLC, and then the limit races 6 also have, this time continues to the horizon 3. However, whether it is XBOXONE version or PC version are very good support you get Forza Horizon 3 Credits, this for the new UAV mode (camera is a separate model), you can control the UAV in the world Soar, but there is a high degree of restrictions. Feeling is used to make movies, mirror effect is very good.

Finally talk about how FH3 hardcore gamers and casual gamers to make trade-offs between. Hardcore gamers will be better, they play the game is to challenge their own limits, not up to the purpose of not give up. Performance in the car game is the pursuit of the fastest lap endless, the simulation is the higher the better, all the details are in their consideration. This hardcore player is a minority, no doubt; but if the game is great for them, the loyalty of this player will be very high. FH3 offers a dazzling set of cars, as well as more dazzling conversion and adjustment options. An ordinary car, through their garage and pre-game carefully adjusted, the performance does not lose those who look very luxurious super sports car. A host in the network war, driving an automatic upgrade, completely not adjust the X-999 score Lamborghini, in the linear acceleration game lost to a S1-923 Ford GT. High play tell me that you do not tune, lost to them fine school car is normal, the rating level is only comprehensive strength, straight line to accelerate you really do not necessarily have his car strong, even with the same car, tuning parameters are not the same , Driving feel is completely different.

Racing, has always been a romantic man. There is a female friend, occasionally told me that the car. I found that she could not imagine the roar of the kind of engine roar is how romantic, as if the cylinder is not burning in the gasoline, but their own blood. Maneuver between the maneuver, walk in the edge of the runaway, each corner is the waltz on the wire, elegant and without losing that thrill.

NHL 17 has become the most exciting video game ever so far

The NHL 17 is an upcoming ice hockey video game from EA Sports, developed by EA Canada. The new game mode, the new and more in-depth experience in the fan’s favorite model, as well as the best ice game, makes the NHL 17 become the most exciting EA SPORTS NHL game so far. NHL 17 is an attractive revision because of the new ways, as well as improving some of the existing models, the game adapts to a variety of skill levels than ever before. Even if the computer controls the resilience of the opponent’s power to upgrade, it’s something I can not say about some of the previous entries in the series. It is nice to see the opponent’s team using positive blows and hockey tilt pressure because it makes me (this series of long-term players) reassess several strategies. EA seems to feel comfortable with the new engines they launched a few years ago, and this confidence has a positive impact on the entire package.

“Become GM” model has been the main product of the NHL series for many years last year by adding a morale system that allows you to monitor your players and meet them if things start failing to improve.

When you hit the ice, you will find that this year’s game is smooth and fragile if you want to find a good challenge. At a higher difficulty set, you have less time to make decisions in general, and this pressure makes the defense area feel more important. I would like to say that entering the attack area is still a bit too easy, but once you do that, it may be difficult to defend the defender a lot of time. The computer is also often re-acquired after the ice hockey is checked, but I will take this addition to attack some passive things that were seen in the previous NHL game.

Another new perspective is that players can now fight in front of the net, which allows larger strikers to try to build in front of the goalkeeper position. This is useful for creating screens and setting options. In order to solve this problem, the goalkeeper has a new set of preservation animations, allowing the goalkeeper to move and respond more credibly. The goalkeeper will have a unique rest posture, many of them in position, under the hull under the hockey and use their frame to reduce the angle. Setting goals at higher difficulty is quite sharp, requiring accurate slap, one-time and win over those who beat them. There is no obvious “money” target, in other words.

All of these interactions have a lot of complexity, but NHL 17 allows you to easily enter them and teach you how to take advantage of this situation. A popular feature is ice training, which helps guide the new players through some minor differences in control. This has been enhanced for the NHL17, which adds direction between the coaches, and more ice on the visual aids. It is nice to see that your player should cover the specific area and the board of the bank’s path to the board is a good feeling. “Semi-professional” difficulty of the return to help as a bridge for casual players. But if you are at you can easily get the cheap NHL 17 Coins, which will allow you to quickly build your own team in the game soon into the game. Hockey seems to be very suitable for this type of teaching, it just makes sense to start the base of the novice player and then occasionally reminds them of an advanced technology.


Play your hockey fantasy in new mode – no matter how you play the game, NHL 17 offers a new model to connect to your favorite team and player. Feeling fantasy grass night stimulation with star power team in the draft of the championship, or play national pride in the World Cup hockey. Become a General Motors fan experience team evolution evolution, and in the franchise mode to participate in the entire business, where you moved from the franchise to the arena. Whether it’s in the opposite circle or behind the big table, there’s a new way you can live your hockey fantasy.

Depth and customization in the fan’s favorite mode – take your EA sports hockey league team through the ranks of progress and unlock the next level of customization on the road to the project. Create a unified custom appearance you always want in EASHL and Be a Pro’s team editor, or use the new Arena Creator in EASHL and Chartered mode to build your dream area where you can choose every aspect of your home ice; From seat to scoreboard to target FX, illuminate your team the most memorable moments. The hockey ultimate team introduces Synergy, a dynamic team building system that aims to challenge you to choose your dream team by way of matching the player’s advantage to grant perks in your lineup.
Control the Hockey Hockey game to win and lose in front of the net, the new cyber combat system can make you fight in the key space in front of the offensive and defensive creases. The real goalkeeper looks part of the gesture with the real life and clever reactionary save intelligence that will handle the position, angle and scoring situation promised to save the sport or to block the hockey with the body. Improved hitting, passing, hockey catching and skating allows you to have every area and dozens of new goals to celebrate, make your greatest moments unforgettable and bring the crowd.

Whether you are the first online competitive elite or skateboards, the first time, the next generation of highly acclaimed visual ice trainers and coaching feedback tools to return to teach you the skills you need to sharpen your game. Uncontrolled game settings and slides make you from fast, dynamic games to the most realistic simulations, so you can play your favorite hockey style.

The improved presentation two years ago still looks very clear, and it maintains the NHL series in the modern sports game in the unique appearance, even in the last year there is no significant improvement. I still like to see the mascot dancing, the fans are pumped up after a goal, the arena specific items and effects remain authentic. On the other hand, comments by Doc Emrick, Eddie Olczyk and Ray Ferraro do not seem to have much additional changes. In addition, the green screen introduced in the original professional radio program after losing their attraction.

NHL 17 offers this variety, it is easy to recommend to many players. Continue to focus on accessibility and ice training for the series, as well as to increase the depth of the EASHL to keep long fans like I’m back. The franchise model eventually gives the GM / Owner model a reason, even the draft title, although somewhat simplistic, provides the motivation to interact with the ultimate team ecosystem. Most importantly, the hockey present on ice is dynamic and mobile, and it offers a very good version of the fastest game around. No matter how you play the game, NHL 17 lets you shape your legacy on ice.

Madden NFL 17 is the most complete crazy

“Madden NFL 17” is Electronic Arts produced a series of games released in 2016 new work, for the succession of the previous play, joined the new mechanisms and systems, making the game more complex and rich, the For the game cover characters are played for the New England Patriots Rob Lengkowski, the players can be for the Madden limit or draft championship play with your team all the way in the Madden NFL 17 has a new body Pro local functions, in the deepest franchise mode, so far, will your team run the center of the tournament. Armed your team on both sides of the ball with the glory of the ball with innovative ball vector feedback tips, the defender fake out mechanics and a new, authentic defense AI system. Driven by the most balanced game, as well as fun and fresh way, such as the final team and draft title, the play mode, Madden NFL 17 is the most complete crazy.

Book your copy today and receive up to $ 15 bonus content, including nine crazy NFL 17 ranking tickets and up to seven Madden NFL 17 ultimate team packages. But if you buy cheap Madden 17 Coins at, then you will be more likely to get a temporary package so that you will create a strong team in the game.


Ballistic feedback system: new tips and path aids help identify defensive threats and suggest special measures to escape any defender.

Pass and quickly counter: Simplify defensive play. Think about what your opponent will do, but do not know the defensive formation to stop it? Decided to defend the pass or run, let your defense to rest. With the most realistic defense AI so far, based on the current NFL strategy, the new “Gap Play” puts your defender in the box, the location stops running while your area defense provides a pass coverage.

Special team: welcome the special team back to Madden NFL excitement. The ability of the ice hock to match the challenges of today’s key site goals try, while the new elements of the risk and reward through the trick and prevent the kick can now change the outcome of any game in a game.


Play time: experience to join faster than ever. Jumping into the game definition of the game, the drive and the situation are important to you, speeding up your experience and offering more fun. Is your team rebuilding in a year? Back to the playoffs and won the championship with the new Play the Moments.

Game planning: Weekly know your opponent’s tendency, then choose the right fight, attack and oppose these tendencies in the game. When preparing for the next opponent, both the user and the computer simulator, this new strategic level offers more diversity and more fun. Once you are in the game, expect to see a team boost your game that has been practiced to help you get this key score or defensive stand to win.

Big decision: the important moment to come to you, at the right time to get the right information. Do you start your star QB with lingering damage, or go to your unconfirmed reserve with the playoff point online? Big decision to start your career mode new direction, offer more strategies, more control and more fun.

Community requirements: Several Madden NFL communities offer the highest requirements of the franchise model with increased practice squad, comprehensive player editors, and games in the stock, allowing you to update scores from the league.


Comments: Madden NFL 17 offers us the most authentic comment in Madden NFL history, adding a whole new team in the studio, Brandon Gordon and Charles Davis. Through the annual team, comments have been completely rebuilt from scratch, providing players with unprecedented depth and analysis. Ability to provide content updates throughout the NFL season, experience fresh and dynamic reviews throughout the season!

The camera focuses on you: the new, real broadcast camera puts you in the center of the story, creating a more immersive experience from the practice to the Super Bowl.

The sound of the game: the audio in the game never sounds so real, from the click to the crowd reaction and everything between. Almost every sound in the game has been redesigned and re-recorded in the world-class pine studio.


Madden NFL 17 Ultimate Team: The Madden NFL 17 Ultimate Team (MUT) is using your favorite NFL team from past and present to the complete NFL team building model. Buy money through the online store to buy the package, where you can trade and auction the project on the road construction and content updates.

Champion draft: like fantasy football? Then you will love the championship. Get all the excitement from drafting a fantasy team and competing at Madden NFL. First of all, you are the general manager, through the draft to build your team. Then take your team to the grill on several fast-paced games Madden NFL.

Madden finally found the comfort zone between it, and the attack and defense to achieve a great balance. The community’s desire for the game is given a new focus, the privileged pattern, led by the moment of function. In addition to its agitated commentator, Madden 17 is waiting for us because EA Sports has complete control over the NFL license. Football came back, it’s only one or two seconds to become a full-time great.Like a small partner can go to the major stores to buy.

NBA LIVE Mobile achieves your ultimate basketball dream

NBA LIVE Mobile is EA developed 3D basketball game, has attracted the game community storm. EA has broken through a miracle, as expected. The new season has some amazing additions and enhancements to let me. Pursue more and more laurel almost fast and free pigeons to push me with the latest tools of his online generator. I can gather a lot of coins and cash to make dribbling, moving and passing effortlessly. The best part is to buy and sell the player according to my wishes and requirements. Never I am excited and satisfied, plus the honor and pleasure to have a respected franchise. I can call according to my wishes.

The game brings many aspects to the mobile game fans, such as me. You will get your ultimate basketball dream and lifestyle, in addition to getting a hoop master’s honor. This is a good state, according to me. I can also follow the NBA rating, the game allows you to do this throughout the season with the 17th Edition to bring you the conventional challenge. This is undoubtedly a feeling of the scene. You can get amazing trophies in real life with paired or turf games, break ankles in the season playoffs, or head to head mode.

Players, the game uses a completely disrupting the form of re-combination, both players can only choose the team, and then through the open “card package” in the form of different levels of players, and after Xiaobian actual test, basically your A package is absolutely proper “water dispenser five tiger” card package can be used in the game gold coins and gold two ways to buy, Of course, at you can be cheaper to get NBA Live Mobile Coins, Then you can set up your own team to form a strong lineup. If the player chooses the regular season mode, then the other team’s staff will be in accordance with the NBA’s current lineup composition, so unless the technology, or simply use the players numerical competition, the player no chance of winning.

The game in accordance with the basic rules of the NBA, while for the mild players in the game’s length also made adjustments, a game of four, each two minutes, and can be suspended and saved at any time, very convenient. The game players will be players and coaches dual task, leading teammates to win the game at the same time but also learn to devise strategies. Of course, as the real life of the game appears in the length of the suspension in this is not available, and the game players do not have the so-called consumption of a said, playing the whole field absolutely no words, enviable.

Those who do not play basketball games on their mobile phones may want to know how it works. In the NBA Live Mobile you have an amazing simple setting; the left thumb as a d pad, right can shoot, pass or drive. Although the touch screen accuracy is a problem, the simplicity of this setup and the side view of the court makes it easy to enter. Unlike some old title, you now have a little command of the team 5, actually working well, even in the limited mobile screen space, not messy too much, due to some smart camera work. The game is designed for quick play with 2 minute quarterly, keep everything fast and angry.

The field aspect basically means that you can connect to the NBA, compete in everyday challenges, tournaments, or just head with friends. It’s a really powerful move that makes it feel like a real NBA league where your team can get honors. Teams can create your ideal lineup by collecting players from teams. This can be done through the auction house, so earning cash and leveling is vital. Under the hood, NBA Live Mobile’s graphics are great. The character model is complex and looks good, the glossy surface of the stadium makes the whole scene to live. The reflection on the field also adds effect, a simple touch to make the game, which is more realistic. The audio is too strong in this title, there is a good background sound of the court and the typical squeak and bounce sound makes you feel like you are looking at real basketball. This game has a drawback, but it needs a persistent internet connection. This may be a deal for those who have limited data plans.

NBA Live Mobile is a good example, not just a solid mobile game, it feels like a console game to shrink, but also a smart way to create a community using a mobile device connection. Playing in the mini NBA is very funny, a good way to feel like your skill is paid. The constant data connection is a bugbear, but not too bad if you play at home or have its data. Some people may find it easier to play with the game handle.

“NBA LIVE mobile version” joined the hand travel players already familiar with and love and hate the “physical” concept. Basically, each game will consume 3 points of physical value, the disappearance of the physical value will continue to be added over time, of course, if the players do not want to wait, krypton gold recharge seems to be the most “simple and crude” approach. Of course, in addition to the game included in the “regular season mode”, “challenge mode” online mode “and” daily tasks “and other content is still quite rich, you can choose a team, and then a season South Zheng North war final stable championship, holding the “O’Brien Cup”, become the finals MVP, married white rich beauty, embarked on the peak of life, think about it, really a little bit excited!

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