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Dream Suit & Fireworks in Wave 2 Summer Update – Animal Crossing New Horizons New Update

Today we’ve some very exciting news that Animal Crossing New Horizons is getting a fresh Wave 2 Summer Update on July 30th Thursday, this update is entirely free and it brings a boatload of contents to the sport including fireworks, dreams, and long-awaited island backup service. Here are all of the new details you would like to understand.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Wave 2 Update – Fireworks, Dream Suit, Backup Service, Fall Update.

The summer update Wave 1 was considered the foremost significant the sport has received thus far. The return of diving and swimming are perfect addition to New Horizons, a big number of latest items including both Mermaid set items and Pirate-themed items. With how significant Wave 1 of the summer update was, there has been tons of anticipation for ACNH Wave 2. As usual, the update is totally free, with the foremost straightforward addition being customizable fireworks. Redd’s raffle shop also will open for brand spanking new festive items. The opposite is that the addition of Luna, who serves an identical purpose here by allowing you to go to random islands owned by other players.

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Now take a glance at each of those upcoming updates.

August Fireworks Show (Sundays during August)

Fireworks festival involves the sport with some new items, including the new tools and toys. Bubble blowers, sparklers, fireworks, new clothing items and more! You’ll earn through a raffle ticketing system that red’s getting to be running within the firework show. You’ll buy a raffle ticket from him for Nook Miles Ticket, using the quantity of tickets you get and redeem for a bunch of various prizes. A replacement furniture set that’s themed around fireworks or some little items that you simply can wear and use during the festival. You’re also ready to customize the planning patterns of the fireworks within the sky.

Animal Crossing Update Summary List

• Luna the Tapir will visit

• Dream Suite will open

• Fireworks every Sunday in August

• Redd’s Raffle shop will open

• New Summer items

• Fall Update coming

• Island Backup Restoration Service

The most important a part of the update though is that the addition of an Animal Crossing island backup and restoration service. Starting on July 30th, you’ll be ready to upload your island data, essentially to the cloud. You can’t use the traditional save data cloud feature for brand spanking new Horizons, because Nintendo worry people would just use it to cheat. Then just in case of your system getting stolen or broken thereto, you’ll be ready to redownload your island. You’ll need to undergo Nintendo Customer Support to urge it to figure.

Fall Update Announced

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Summer Update

Summer update, one of the big updates this summer in Animal Crossing New Horizons, is now available for all players to download. Do you want what’s new in this update? Here is an overview of this summer date to keep you in the loop.

Summer Update Overview of Animal Crossing New Horizons
1. Players can now swim in the ocean (and only the ocean) and dive to find 40 new sea creatures that can be donated to the museum.
1.1 To swim, you need to purchase a wet suit from the glass case inside Nook’s for 3,000 bells. There are multiple designs that will rotate daily. You can also get a wet suit from Nook Shopping, or buy a Nook-branded suit in exchange for Miles.
1.2 Like fish and bugs, sea creatures are available at various times in various months.
1.3 Sea creatures come in different shadow sizes. Some stay stationary, others move at varying speed.
1.4 CJ does not buy sea creatures.
2. Pascal the otter is back and brings with him Mermaid items. Once a day, Pascal may show up when you find a scallop, and give you a Mermaid DIY, Mermaid clothing, or pearls.
3. There is now Pirate Gulliver (Gullivarrr!), who will provide new pirate-themed items. Note that it appears that Pirate Gulliver does not replace Normal Gulliver; players are reporting still seeing Normal Gulliver.
4.Saharah now lets you buy multiple items at once. Huzzah!

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