Animal Crossing: players can be able to find eggs as early as today

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Bunny Day is almost back. Bunny Day was the first occurrence in Animal Crossing: New Horizons when it was released in March 2020, so this will be the first time an event returns. While the event will not go live for another week, small elements of Bunny Day, such as egg hunts, are already taking place.

Nintendo recently set the stage for Bunny Day with a New Horizons update that addressed a few bugs and made way for the Easter-themed celebration. While Bunny Day is April 4, 2021, players can notice eggs hidden around the island earlier.

Another factor the Bunny Day egg hunt was unappealing was that it took away a lot of the normal gameplay for players. Since Bunny Day was just a few weeks after the well-received Animal Crossing was released, some players’ first experience with the game was digging up or fishing eggs instead of the usual variety of creatures and items, which grew obnoxious over time. It’s possible that this year’s Bunny Day and egg hunt will be different.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is currently the second-best-selling Nintendo Switch game of all time, which is amazing considering it was only released a year ago. Bunny Day is only one example of how Nintendo keeps the game updated with ongoing seasonal activities, which contributes to the game’s success.

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