Are you looking forward to Madden 21’s Next-Gen

Madden 21 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S is a smaller amount than a month away, but EA hasn’t started a count or maybe teased anything about the next-generation version with the general public.

It’s difficult to form heads or tails of the silence, but there’s a growing sentiment this may mean the sport isn’t much different than the current-gen version that released in August.

EA is planning a reveal. I do know this for sure; It’s pretty obvious considering the discharge date is on December 4, but at now, we don’t skills grand. because the days still tick down, you’ve got to wonder just how big EA is getting to go. albeit the sport is unveiled next week, that leaves 2-3 weeks for the sport to realize momentum.

It seems pretty short especially considering we haven’t seen any aspect of the title since the summertime, and nearly three months have passed since the current-gen versions hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Recently, EA released a title update that added Play-A-Friend functionality to The Yard also as some long-awaited improvements to franchise mode. we all know that each one saves data will transfer from current-gen to next because it pertains to franchise mode, Face of the Franchise, The Yard, and Madden Ultimate Team, but almost everything else may be a mystery.

The secretive approach brings plenty of pressure for EA to wow fans with the next-gen product. Truthfully, if Madden 21 plays exactly because it does on current-gen, has all of the equivalent features, but takes a big visual leap–with no game-breaking glitches–most fans are going to be happy. It’s not ideal, and it certainly isn’t what NBA 2K did with their next-gen offering. However, it’s more toward the highest of the low expectations many fans have for the Madden series when it involves taking major steps from one version to the next–or even console generation to console generation.

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