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In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, spring has arrived in full swing. The ground is no longer covered in snow, and the sky is no longer dismal; the sun is shining over players’ islands, flowers are blooming, and islanders are regaining their shine. In the Animal Crossing world, spring lasts from February 25 to May 31 in the Northern Hemisphere, while autumn begins in the Southern Hemisphere.

Spring is jam-packed with activities, making it one of the busiest times of year for players. Not only is there a Bunny Day celebration, but there are also unique events to commemorate May Day, Earth Day, and other holidays. It’s no surprise that Spring is so popular among gamers.

The change in weather is something that players notice right away as the new season begins. Winter is typically snowy or clear, but Spring brings a wide range of weather conditions, just like in real life. The leaves and grass gradually change from autumnal hues to brilliant greens. Thunderstorms are beginning to form, but they aren’t common. Plus, from April 1 to April 10, players will be able to enjoy gorgeous cherry blossom trees, which will send beautiful pink petals drifting throughout the island.

Festivale is one of the first events of the season. The event can happen during the winter, however this year it occurred during the warm spring temps. Pavé’s party peacock brings Carnival and Mardi Gras to the islands of the players. Players can participate in the colorful event, which is held outside Resident Services for only one day. Colorful gowns and a plethora of feathers help guests get the most out of the memorable occasion.

Then there’s Bunny Day, which is Animal Crossings’ take on Easter and is hosted by Zipper T. Bunny. The Sunday before Bunny Day, Zipper appears on the islands of the players. He’ll ask the player to go egg hunting, which can be done in a variety of ways, including fishing, hitting rocks, and shaking trees. He’s also strewn over the island with DIY recipes. Zipper will give you a special Bunny Day treat if you find and craft them.

May Day is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration on the first day of May. The May Day Maze will be found on a secret island that players will be able to explore. The maze will be open for seven days, and gamers who complete it will receive a prize from Rover, a unique character. If Rover’s friends have completed the maze in past years, he will be delighted to see them again.

It’s no surprise that so many New Horizons players enjoy Spring because of all of these activities and opportunities.

Players can go on a fun little stamp search in honor of International Museum Day. It usually takes place in the latter two weeks of May. Four stamp stands will be located in the fossil, fish, bug, and art parts of Blathers’ museum. To receive the stamp card and begin the hunt, speak with the owl. After that, return to him for a special award for each stamp you earn.

The special character Leif the Sloth is the focus of Nature Day. Between April 22 and May 4, Leif will appear on specific days with crops and shrubs, allowing users to customize their landscapes. Players will also be able to participate in special events and challenges, with the chance to win extra Nook Miles.

Several critters and creatures will return to the island in the spring. Butterflies are more likely to be seen in large groups, making it easier to collect many types of flies. The Tarantula, one of the more expensive species to catch, tragically vanishes in April. It is, however, replaced by the Scorpion, a prickly companion.

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