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There are 10 ways to help make ACNH bells quickly in 2022

Now it’s 2022, many people may be planning how to gain the most bells and money and become wealthy in ACNH 2022. Since Animal Crossing: New Horizon has had so many updates, including the 2.0 update, a lot has changed, and there are several new ways to earn the most money and bells in ACNH. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 ways to earn bells quickly in Animal Crossing for the year 2022 in this 2022 ACNH bells-making guide.

How to get ACNH Bells in 2022

The following is the top 10 ways list to make ACNH bells according to our experiences.


Easy to understand, easy to do, you don’t need a huge number of bells to start farming, and you have the ability to produce a large number of bells. It’s really simple to begin farming, all you have to do is go to Leif, and Leif will set you up with all the crops available. Crops from the mystery islands can also be found on the captain islands. Individually crop costs 350 bells each,  420 bells if you have the bell boom orders turned on. So, easy money!

Selling Items To Nooks Cranny

Selling Animal Crossing items to the Nooks Cranny is another wonderful way to quickly earn bells in ACNH 2022. If you find anything in your storage that is no longer useful to you, you can clean it out and sell it. This will allow you to make a large number of bells.

Money Trees

Yep, old school way. You can dig up the glowing spot on your island and collect some bells if you notice it. You may place some bells back in that hole, and it will grow a money tree. One thousand bells may be turned into three thousand bells, and ten thousand bells can be turned into thirty thousand bells. Planting more than 10,000 bells is not suggested because any amount over that does not ensure a good return. If you plant more than 10,000 bells, you’re essentially gambling. You can also acquire bells by shaking normal trees, albeit the amount you get from doing so isn’t particularly large.

Sell Turnips

Turnips are similar to the Animal Crossing stock market exchange. Purchasing them at the correct price from Nook’s Cranny will get players a large number of bells. Because the price fluctuates every day, they sell high and buy cheap. This can be difficult, and, like the stock market, it can lead to losses. If players can figure out the trends, this can be a lucrative way to gain bells.

Sell bugs and fish

Catching and selling bugs and fish is one way to earn bells early in the game. Blathers should be given new species, although conventional fish can be traded in for bells. The Golden Trout has a premium price tag, so keep an eye out for it. Peacock butterflies are also worth a lot of bells.

Converting Nook Miles

Completing the challenges in the Nook Miles app will earn the player Nook Miles, which can be used to buy Bell Vouchers. This is one of the finest methods to gain ACNH bells, as 500 Nook Miles will yield you 3,000 bells.

Blue Roses

In Animal Crossing New Horizons 2022, blue roses are a fantastic method to make money. Simply place a bunch of blue roses in the blue rose reefs, craft them, and then sell the reefs.

Time Travel 

Time Travel is also a good way to make bells. You’ve been granted time travel for a month in order to create bank interest. Every month on the first, you’ll receive a letter from the Bank of Nook showing your interest earnings. This interest is limited to 99999 bells, which is the maximum amount of interest you can earn.

Money Rocks

One of your rocks will generate bells for you every day on your island. You can get more money from the money rock if you visit Katrina on Harv’s island, and if Katrina gives you good luck with money, the amount you get from the money rock is effectively doubled. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you want to get the most money out of the money rock, you should dig holes all around it.

Sell Weed

The weed approach is a good way to make the most money and bells in ACNH 2022. So you can sell Leif weeds for twice as much as the Nooks. Basically, the Nooks will pay 10 bells per weed, whereas the Leaf will pay 20 bells per lead, so if you have a bunch of weeds on your island, maybe you’ve been time traveling or maybe you just took a long break from Animal Crossing, you can actually pick up all those weeds and take them to Leif and sell them to Leif.

Alright, that’s all we’ve come up with on 10 ways to get ACNH bells. Happy gaming.

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Buy Cheap seasonal Animal Crossing items at LOLGA.COM

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, spring has arrived in full swing. The ground is no longer covered in snow, and the sky is no longer dismal; the sun is shining over players’ islands, flowers are blooming, and islanders are regaining their shine. In the Animal Crossing world, spring lasts from February 25 to May 31 in the Northern Hemisphere, while autumn begins in the Southern Hemisphere.

Spring is jam-packed with activities, making it one of the busiest times of year for players. Not only is there a Bunny Day celebration, but there are also unique events to commemorate May Day, Earth Day, and other holidays. It’s no surprise that Spring is so popular among gamers.

The change in weather is something that players notice right away as the new season begins. Winter is typically snowy or clear, but Spring brings a wide range of weather conditions, just like in real life. The leaves and grass gradually change from autumnal hues to brilliant greens. Thunderstorms are beginning to form, but they aren’t common. Plus, from April 1 to April 10, players will be able to enjoy gorgeous cherry blossom trees, which will send beautiful pink petals drifting throughout the island.

Festivale is one of the first events of the season. The event can happen during the winter, however this year it occurred during the warm spring temps. Pavé’s party peacock brings Carnival and Mardi Gras to the islands of the players. Players can participate in the colorful event, which is held outside Resident Services for only one day. Colorful gowns and a plethora of feathers help guests get the most out of the memorable occasion.

Then there’s Bunny Day, which is Animal Crossings’ take on Easter and is hosted by Zipper T. Bunny. The Sunday before Bunny Day, Zipper appears on the islands of the players. He’ll ask the player to go egg hunting, which can be done in a variety of ways, including fishing, hitting rocks, and shaking trees. He’s also strewn over the island with DIY recipes. Zipper will give you a special Bunny Day treat if you find and craft them.

May Day is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration on the first day of May. The May Day Maze will be found on a secret island that players will be able to explore. The maze will be open for seven days, and gamers who complete it will receive a prize from Rover, a unique character. If Rover’s friends have completed the maze in past years, he will be delighted to see them again.

It’s no surprise that so many New Horizons players enjoy Spring because of all of these activities and opportunities.

Players can go on a fun little stamp search in honor of International Museum Day. It usually takes place in the latter two weeks of May. Four stamp stands will be located in the fossil, fish, bug, and art parts of Blathers’ museum. To receive the stamp card and begin the hunt, speak with the owl. After that, return to him for a special award for each stamp you earn.

The special character Leif the Sloth is the focus of Nature Day. Between April 22 and May 4, Leif will appear on specific days with crops and shrubs, allowing users to customize their landscapes. Players will also be able to participate in special events and challenges, with the chance to win extra Nook Miles.

Several critters and creatures will return to the island in the spring. Butterflies are more likely to be seen in large groups, making it easier to collect many types of flies. The Tarantula, one of the more expensive species to catch, tragically vanishes in April. It is, however, replaced by the Scorpion, a prickly companion.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Kapp’n hack is quite useful for players

With the 2.0 release, Animal Crossing: New Horizons gained a slew of new features and items. The return of the popular NPC villager, Kapp’n, was one of the most thrilling additions. Players saw the return of Kapp’n in New Horizons, as well as the inclusion of mystery island trips.

These mystery island visits can now be extremely profitable for gamers since they can receive a variety of items from these islands. Players, on the other hand, are usually unable to choose which island they will visit, which might be counterproductive at times.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Kapp’n hack is quite useful for players

Players can travel to one of 32 distinct islands on Kapp’n’s mystery island trips, seven of which are rare. Naturally, gamers aim to visit the rare islands more often.

However, gamers only have a 3% chance of encountering rarer mystery islands. Furthermore, there is typically no mechanism for players to boost their odds of reaching rarer mystery islands.

Players may wish to arrive on a specific mystery island in order to obtain things that are only available on that island. Items such as star fragments, among other things, could be included. For most players, this makes the random picking of mystery islands inconvenient.

A recently found hack, on the other hand, may have modified this for players. Players can swap to a different island once they’ve arrived at their destination mystery island if it’s not the one they want to be on.

This can be done as soon as the players arrive on the mysterious island, but they must move quickly. Players must reset the game before Kapp’n may finish his speech on the mystery island.

They’ll be redirected to a different mystery island after they’ve logged back in. This can be done indefinitely until the player lands on the island of their choice.

This is a very useful cheat for Animal Crossing: New Horizons gamers who are determined to land on select rare mystery islands. It saves players a lot of time and Nook Mile Tickets they would have spent with Kapp’n on several mystery island visits.

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New rewards would make Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Fishing Tourney Fresh

Players can earn prizes for fishing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Fishing Tourney events, however, new prizes must be added to keep the event exciting. Fishing in New Horizons is a fun activity to pass the time, with a variety of species to catch according to the season. The Fishing Tourney, on the other hand, may make a relaxing hobby more thrilling by adding a time limit and fish-themed prizes as an incentive to cast a line.

The New Horizons Fishing Tourney takes place four times a year. Players can take part in the game in January, April, July, and October, each with its own set of seasonal species to catch. The Fishing Tourney, like many other events in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, has remained largely unchanged from the game’s first release in 2020. As a result, long-term players are likely to have collected every attractive prize item available in return for Fishing Points.

New Horizons players can currently earn a good variety of Animal Crossing items by utilizing Fishing Points. The Anchor Statue, Fish Doorplate, and Fresh Cooler are all aquatic decorations that allow players to show off their fishing prowess in their houses or on islands. Fish Pochettes, Fish-Print Tees, and Fish Umbrellas are among the apparel accessories that allow players to combine the hobby into their unique fashions. However, many of these goods are rather basic, lacking the colorations or appearances of other fish species, making the entire collection fairly dull when compared to other event-related items in New Horizons.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons could introduce new “expert” level decorative items to help make the Fishing Tourney more exciting and fun after more than two years of the same event prize list. These prizes may become available when a particular number of Fishing Points have been earned, and they may contain fun new furniture, apparel, and accessories for players to gather. An octopus sofa may be the perfect highlight piece for an aquatic living room design, while a Pochette styled like a pufferfish could help bring diversity to the simple fish things now available. New Horizons might also include mythological artifacts based on mermaids, Lochness, or selkies, giving the more utilitarian prizes a fantasy twist.

In addition, additional challenges with varying reward brackets should be added to Fishing Tourney Events in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This may include a competition to see who can donate the most fish to Blathers, or who can dig up the most shellfish on the beach, or who can find the most treasure when diving in the ocean near player islands. These challenges could also have a time limit and new prizes that are exclusive to each challenge. These enhancements would provide participants with a variety of new event duties to enjoy, making the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fishing Tourney days more engaging for both new and long-term fans of the game.

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There are some easy ways to help you to earn Nook Miles in ACNH

Within Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players can acquire Nook Miles, which they can subsequently use for various purposes. While the most common application is to convert Nook Miles into Nook Miles Ticket and use them to travel to different islands, players may also use Nook Miles to create different recipes within the game.

One of the most often asked questions of Animal Crossing: New Horizons players is how to collect Nook Miles faster in the game. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there are a few simple ways for players to quickly collect Nook Miles. And don’t forget always to follow LOLGA.COM. The newest ACNH guide is always provided here.

Some ways to earn Nook Miles in ACNH

1. Check Nook Stop 

Checking the Nook Stop terminal every day is one of the simplest ways for players to accumulate Nook Miles quickly in New Horizons. Players will receive a certain number of Nook Miles when they log in for the first time.

By checking Nook Stop every day, gamers will be able to earn more and more Nook Miles each day. Players will receive an additional 300 Nook Miles from Nook Stop after signing in for a week in a row.

2. By Trading villagers

On their island, players usually have some villagers who they no longer care about. These villagers can then be traded for Nook Miles on a market like Nookazon, which can be exploited to their advantage.

Most of the villages have a market, so players should have no trouble trading them. As a result, this may be a simple way for them to clear their island while also earning more Nook Miles.

3. Visit friend’s island

If players use Nintendo Switch Online, one of the simplest ways to earn Nook Miles is to visit their friends’ islands. Players will notice that they have earned 800 Nook Miles when they return. They can also earn extra Nook Miles by performing particular duties on a friend’s island, such as watering their plants or competing in a tournament.

These are some of the simplest ways for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players to earn Nook Miles quickly. Players will also receive Nook Miles for a variety of other occasions, such as birthdays and events.

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