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About Forza Horizon 3 Skills To Share

Lolga helps you ride freely at the Forza Horizon 3

Xbox One Edition [Extreme Racing: Horizon 3] official version of the first three hours of stand-alone experience, the first hour of the contents of the basic and demo version of the game, like to introduce the game game mode or something. Horizon 3 supports Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, but no Chinese voice. This will bring the players to the beautiful Australia, the map environment is no longer as monotonous as 1 and 2 generations, in the horizon 3 where we can in the jungle desert plain coastal city villages and sand on the free ride.

This is perhaps the best racing game so far, in the game can get a variety of fun. Game system and play in fact and the former is not very different, are the extreme racing series has been routines. Before the two play to the late may be the existence of aesthetic fatigue, the map environment is relatively monotonous city and plain. Horizon 3 for this make it obvious that the production team in the map environment under a lot of effort, through the diversity of the scene to increase the game’s playability, the details of the map is also a lot of rich.

The game in the play on the integration of more online elements, the game blueprint allows players to customize the rules are played and shared to friends. In the street can still be the same as before and other players of the AI ​​vehicle for immediate match 1 to 1, automatically generate the track. This time also added a team system, is not yet fully understand what mechanism, seemingly in the game if there is a team of their own editing team AI car after the completion of the game will increase the reward? Also in the streets will encounter other AI team, looks like a multi-vehicle car to compete for a pair of 3?

FH3 uses a similar setting to the previous generation, one of the real Drivatar, the essence is still a good route or computer-controlled AI, giving a feeling like a PVP. The first time the players are friends, even if your friends did not buy FH3, will appear in Drivatar, even in the world around, from time to time the “players” also dotted your boring way – although most of the time you just And they pass by or hit a seven dirty eight elements.

FH3 sound engine is more perfect with the online Streaming work. When the car into the Forza Festival area, the background music with a surround sound effect; and racing wading, the music volume is appropriate to narrow, with a beautiful voice of the water. It must be noted that there are small flaws, such as a music clip repeat play, there is no support for random play, each time a fixed order. This design can give a perfect score.

Online multiplayer mode has not experienced, looked at this for the new cooperation online plot mode. There are adventure mode and roaming mode, roaming mode similar to GTAOL, into a room which has a lot of players, you can play together. Adventure mode is not clear what is it.

In general, the extreme racing: Horizon 3 looks like no shortcomings. The only drawback is that the menu system, although the difference between the former and the former, but can optimize the better now feel some complicated and complicated. Picture aspect XBOXONE this performance has been very extreme, 1080P stable 30 and the same as the last. In the dynamic fuzzy blessing under the actual performance is very good, the effect of rainforest too praise. The rain effect should start from the horizon 2’s DLC, and then the limit races 6 also have, this time continues to the horizon 3. However, whether it is XBOXONE version or PC version are very good support you get Forza Horizon 3 Credits, this for the new UAV mode (camera is a separate model), you can control the UAV in the world Soar, but there is a high degree of restrictions. Feeling is used to make movies, mirror effect is very good.

Finally talk about how FH3 hardcore gamers and casual gamers to make trade-offs between. Hardcore gamers will be better, they play the game is to challenge their own limits, not up to the purpose of not give up. Performance in the car game is the pursuit of the fastest lap endless, the simulation is the higher the better, all the details are in their consideration. This hardcore player is a minority, no doubt; but if the game is great for them, the loyalty of this player will be very high. FH3 offers a dazzling set of cars, as well as more dazzling conversion and adjustment options. An ordinary car, through their garage and pre-game carefully adjusted, the performance does not lose those who look very luxurious super sports car. A host in the network war, driving an automatic upgrade, completely not adjust the X-999 score Lamborghini, in the linear acceleration game lost to a S1-923 Ford GT. High play tell me that you do not tune, lost to them fine school car is normal, the rating level is only comprehensive strength, straight line to accelerate you really do not necessarily have his car strong, even with the same car, tuning parameters are not the same , Driving feel is completely different.

Racing, has always been a romantic man. There is a female friend, occasionally told me that the car. I found that she could not imagine the roar of the kind of engine roar is how romantic, as if the cylinder is not burning in the gasoline, but their own blood. Maneuver between the maneuver, walk in the edge of the runaway, each corner is the waltz on the wire, elegant and without losing that thrill.

Horizon 3 novice skills and precautions

Like to play racing game partners, many people should know that “extreme racing horizon 3”, cool skills, extended maps, new games are waiting for you to challenge, the following to share some of the novice skills and Notice to everyone.

1, if you hold the kind of sense of manipulation, you can bypass, because this game is more difficult to control more than fly.

2, as far as possible with the recommended equipment, willing to screen almost, should be selected in the film options 60FPS, 30FPS although stable, but play a significant sense of delay.

3, cornering slow down, and some do not believe that the auxiliary line brake brakes, even if you follow the auxiliary line of the brake distance, but the car’s inertia will make you slip

4, online games, running the first is not the most important, the score is the most important, the score is by bending, drift and other technical scores superimposed, but you hit the wall, stacking multiple will not, so the online model racing class Do not hit the wall, do not crash in the case of the first two as possible to complete the game.

5, brakes and refueling not a foot in the end, will be serious slip


The game supports a variety of keyboard, handle and steering wheel manipulation. Each control can be customized key settings, where the keyboard can be customized file has been allocated, can be directly modified on its basis. Steering wheel operation comes with several mainstream steering wheel controller profiles, such as Logitech’s G29, G920, Fanatec’s CSR, CSV2, Thrustmaster’s TMX V1, RGT, etc. are included.

Map interface

The gray in the map interface is expressed as a road that has not been entered, and white or red is indicated as a street that has been found.

The color and type of the different lines indicate the difference in the type of road.

Customize the role

Just enter the game when you can customize the role of image and call, where the nickname can be selected into Chinese, but the voice is still in English, have to say that some of the translation of the ground gas.

Here you choose the picture is not just a photo only, each character has an independent model, although you can not get off to carefully view, but in the transition CG or driving when switching perspective can still see the general form.

Familiar with the game

Just arrived in Australia [Horizon] there is a race, but a separate contest, the assistant has also been arranged for the players of the vehicle, driving off-road vehicles to complete the show can be.

The games include: show events, street racing, midnight battles, improvisation. The first three events must reach the designated location in order to initiate the event, improvisation war that can be on the road with ID, with the driving vehicle AI challenge to complete a separate racing.

Show the game can customize the rules of the game, the location speed, set the number of laps, race conditions, vehicle type, create a unique blueprint, but also can view other players make the game blueprint and direct use. In addition, street racing and midnight warfare need to meet specific conditions to join the game. If you are lucky enough to meet the conditions, you can buy the Cheap Forza Horizon 3 Credits at to get your hardware strength and get better rankings and rewards in the game.

Recruit drivers

Players hold carnival in Australia, need enough drivers to participate in order to achieve better event results. Which recruited the driver is an indispensable one.

Through the guidance of the assistant, you can learn that a driver on the map of the active area, the use of navigation to the future, find the ID with a special mark on the driver, complete a separate racing, after winning the recruitment can participate in the carnival. Officials say that the ID encountered in the game is real and based on the ID player’s driving habits generated.

Expansion carnival

Carnival scale needs to be expanded, which requires more fans to harvest. To get the fans can participate in the competition and public special games, and these events will be the first time the venue assistant to inform the player. Players have to do is to go after the creation of the game, and as much as possible to get the number of fans.

Each opening of a carnival location can be signed in the radio station two radio stations, each station style has its own characteristics, even in the late there will be playing skills to add the skills of the radio station.

Garage management

In the garage of the carnival, you can set up the [upgrade], [adjust], [license] and other aspects of the vehicle. Upgrades can be customized to upgrade the engine, hub and other components, you can also automatically upgrade to allow engineers to directly install the most high-performance components, or browse other players to share the settings.

The setting of the adjustment is relatively professional, including the tires of the tire pressure, gear ratio, four wheel positioning, suspension, brake, under pressure and differential settings, if not a professional player, this part of the general need Changes can also be shared by using other players. When you view the vehicle in the auto show, you can also change the location directly after switching to a specific location.

Of course, there are many other new skills in the game for everyone to introduce, hope that small partners can always pay attention.