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NHL 17 has become the most exciting video game ever so far

The NHL 17 is an upcoming ice hockey video game from EA Sports, developed by EA Canada. The new game mode, the new and more in-depth experience in the fan’s favorite model, as well as the best ice game, makes the NHL 17 become the most exciting EA SPORTS NHL game so far. NHL 17 is an attractive revision because of the new ways, as well as improving some of the existing models, the game adapts to a variety of skill levels than ever before. Even if the computer controls the resilience of the opponent’s power to upgrade, it’s something I can not say about some of the previous entries in the series. It is nice to see the opponent’s team using positive blows and hockey tilt pressure because it makes me (this series of long-term players) reassess several strategies. EA seems to feel comfortable with the new engines they launched a few years ago, and this confidence has a positive impact on the entire package.

“Become GM” model has been the main product of the NHL series for many years last year by adding a morale system that allows you to monitor your players and meet them if things start failing to improve.

When you hit the ice, you will find that this year’s game is smooth and fragile if you want to find a good challenge. At a higher difficulty set, you have less time to make decisions in general, and this pressure makes the defense area feel more important. I would like to say that entering the attack area is still a bit too easy, but once you do that, it may be difficult to defend the defender a lot of time. The computer is also often re-acquired after the ice hockey is checked, but I will take this addition to attack some passive things that were seen in the previous NHL game.

Another new perspective is that players can now fight in front of the net, which allows larger strikers to try to build in front of the goalkeeper position. This is useful for creating screens and setting options. In order to solve this problem, the goalkeeper has a new set of preservation animations, allowing the goalkeeper to move and respond more credibly. The goalkeeper will have a unique rest posture, many of them in position, under the hull under the hockey and use their frame to reduce the angle. Setting goals at higher difficulty is quite sharp, requiring accurate slap, one-time and win over those who beat them. There is no obvious “money” target, in other words.

All of these interactions have a lot of complexity, but NHL 17 allows you to easily enter them and teach you how to take advantage of this situation. A popular feature is ice training, which helps guide the new players through some minor differences in control. This has been enhanced for the NHL17, which adds direction between the coaches, and more ice on the visual aids. It is nice to see that your player should cover the specific area and the board of the bank’s path to the board is a good feeling. “Semi-professional” difficulty of the return to help as a bridge for casual players. But if you are at you can easily get the cheap NHL 17 Coins, which will allow you to quickly build your own team in the game soon into the game. Hockey seems to be very suitable for this type of teaching, it just makes sense to start the base of the novice player and then occasionally reminds them of an advanced technology.


Play your hockey fantasy in new mode – no matter how you play the game, NHL 17 offers a new model to connect to your favorite team and player. Feeling fantasy grass night stimulation with star power team in the draft of the championship, or play national pride in the World Cup hockey. Become a General Motors fan experience team evolution evolution, and in the franchise mode to participate in the entire business, where you moved from the franchise to the arena. Whether it’s in the opposite circle or behind the big table, there’s a new way you can live your hockey fantasy.

Depth and customization in the fan’s favorite mode – take your EA sports hockey league team through the ranks of progress and unlock the next level of customization on the road to the project. Create a unified custom appearance you always want in EASHL and Be a Pro’s team editor, or use the new Arena Creator in EASHL and Chartered mode to build your dream area where you can choose every aspect of your home ice; From seat to scoreboard to target FX, illuminate your team the most memorable moments. The hockey ultimate team introduces Synergy, a dynamic team building system that aims to challenge you to choose your dream team by way of matching the player’s advantage to grant perks in your lineup.
Control the Hockey Hockey game to win and lose in front of the net, the new cyber combat system can make you fight in the key space in front of the offensive and defensive creases. The real goalkeeper looks part of the gesture with the real life and clever reactionary save intelligence that will handle the position, angle and scoring situation promised to save the sport or to block the hockey with the body. Improved hitting, passing, hockey catching and skating allows you to have every area and dozens of new goals to celebrate, make your greatest moments unforgettable and bring the crowd.

Whether you are the first online competitive elite or skateboards, the first time, the next generation of highly acclaimed visual ice trainers and coaching feedback tools to return to teach you the skills you need to sharpen your game. Uncontrolled game settings and slides make you from fast, dynamic games to the most realistic simulations, so you can play your favorite hockey style.

The improved presentation two years ago still looks very clear, and it maintains the NHL series in the modern sports game in the unique appearance, even in the last year there is no significant improvement. I still like to see the mascot dancing, the fans are pumped up after a goal, the arena specific items and effects remain authentic. On the other hand, comments by Doc Emrick, Eddie Olczyk and Ray Ferraro do not seem to have much additional changes. In addition, the green screen introduced in the original professional radio program after losing their attraction.

NHL 17 offers this variety, it is easy to recommend to many players. Continue to focus on accessibility and ice training for the series, as well as to increase the depth of the EASHL to keep long fans like I’m back. The franchise model eventually gives the GM / Owner model a reason, even the draft title, although somewhat simplistic, provides the motivation to interact with the ultimate team ecosystem. Most importantly, the hockey present on ice is dynamic and mobile, and it offers a very good version of the fastest game around. No matter how you play the game, NHL 17 lets you shape your legacy on ice.