Check out the Top 3 Best Museum Exterior Design Ideas in ACNH

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, does the museum’s exterior annoy you? Is it a source of boredom for you? Are you resigned to the idea that your island will be home to an unsightly structure? So, today we’re going to assist you, and hopefully, this guide will resolve your problems. Let’s take a look at the three best ACNH museum exterior design ideas; we’ll tell you everything you need to know and show you how to do it.

Tom Nook requires five fish or bugs to unlock the museum in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Blathers will call Nook and hand over Blathers’ Tent to you. Place the tent anywhere you’d like it to be. By the next day, the tent will be ready, and Blathers will be able to move in. As a reward for their shenanigans, give Blathers 15 Bugs or Fishes. The Museum will be built in two days. You can alter the appearance of your museum’s exterior. It only takes a little imagination and a few ACNH materials to turn something into something even cuter. It’s all about being inventive in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Museum Design 1

Go for a more ancient slash-destroyed feel for the first museum. Two castle walls, one castle gate, two pine bonsai trees, one destroyed arch, and two damaged decorative pillars are required to construct this museum entry. It’s quite simple to make! The first step is to lay down your castle walls, ensuring that they are aligned with the museum’s edge, and then repeat on the left and right sides. You must place your castle gate in the middle. This will not perfectly align with the cast walls, but that’s okay because we have a way to make it seem better.

Museum Design 2

Next, we’ll show you how to employ pagolas to conceal the museum entranceway. These are excellent Animal Crossing items. Four simple panels, two pergolas, two circular street lamps, two bunny topiary, and four plant dividers are required to complete this project. We’ll begin by placing some of the simple panels in front of the museum’s pillars; you don’t want them directly in front of the pillars. You just want them a little to the side. As a result, we have enough place for the pergolas. You can use any custom designs you like, such as some attractive tiles for the floor or an in-game walkway.

Museum Design 3

Turning your museum into a library is a great idea. So what you’re going to do is set up a bookstore outdoors. Two wooden bookshelves, two covered counters, two round topiaries, two ornamental pillars, two-holiday candles, one plain party light, one stack of books, one antique cash register, one strapped book, and one book stand are all needed to construct this area. The first step in creating this space is to place your wooden bookshelves on the floor. Choose a dark color that will conjure up images of a somber academic setting. Then add your covered counters and push them up against your museum.

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