Escape from Tarkov Patch Revealed with More Changes

Not long ago, Battlestate Games shared a massive update to Escape from Tarkov, which was released on May 28. The new update added more changes, such as adding captchas to the flea market to reduce suspicious activity, as well as some new gameplay features and bug fixes. Here are some major changes in this new update. For more details, you can look through all information about the update from the official website.

Major Changes of Escape from Tarkov Patch
“Captcha” was added to the flea market.
If there are suspicious actions at the flea market and in the trade, a captcha may appear.
If you enter the captcha incorrectly three times, the account will be blocked from accessing the flea market for 5 minutes, after which you will need to enter the captcha again to buy the item.
Each subsequent three times incorrect entry will increase the time of the ban.
Access to trading will not be banned, but it will require entering a captcha.
All stashes, for all editions, increased by 2 rows (+20 cells)
Improved the display of objects via thermal imaging devices. Through thermal imagers, now, as in real life, it is impossible to spot through the glass.
Ability to lean while prone
Added the first iteration of Steam Audio, aimed at improving the positioning of sound in game, it can be turned on with the option “Steam Audio: Binaural audio” in the game settings. This option is disabled by default.
Now you can’t sell items that were not found in raid on the flea market . This rule will not apply to weapons.
When combining stacks of items found in raid with items not found in raid, all items will receive not found in raid status.

A bug where the border of the interface elements were twitching
The mastering counter is now updated during the raid
One of the bugs where player did not hear the fall of the grenade
Ripples in the FLIR thermal imager
Bug that would cause inability to open the inspector of items on quest items
One of the bugs of incorrect calculation of the amount of money when purchasing an item
Bug when a grenade would not fly through the window if you throw it too close to the window
A bug where the character could pass through obstacles if player would switch to melee weapons while checking the weapon’s fire mode
Bug when the image in the inactive optics was frozen if several sights were installed
Bug of inability to complete the quest if the player lost the connection to the server at the time of selecting the quest item
Bug when the sight image was frozen after reconnect
Visor audibility sounds, prone movement, third-person character shortness of breath
Fixed at the flea market:
Layering of the offer description in fleamarket UI
Bug of deducting twice the number of items from the merchant, when buying two items
Bug of overlapping the drop-down list of filters with elements of the offer list interface
Improved display of the purchase limit

Removed the audio notification about the completion of crafting during the raid
Now you can’t throw grenades while sprinting
Changed the conditions for the status “Survived”. Now you need to stay in the raid for at least 10 minutes or gain at least 600 XP before leaving the location.
Increased the amount of experience required for the first 20 character levels
Simplified Jaeger’s quests
Changed various old quests, new rewards have been added
A large number of rarity edits and chances of items spawn
Increased the variety of items spawned in loot containers
Improved the quality of loot issued for a successful extraction with a friendly Scav
Various changes in the characteristics of items
Various changes in the equipment of bots and the player scavs
Various changes in loot spawn points locations

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