Everything That You Should Know about Escape from Tarkov Money

Money is of great significance in video games. For the hot first-person shooter game Escape from Tarkov, it is no exception. With enough money in the game, players can buy what they need such as equipment, weapons and other necessaries.

As we all know, there are various currencies in Escape from Tarkov, and each of them is used to purchase items from a particular dealer. Here is what you should know about Escape from Tarkov Money.

Various Kinds of Escape from Tarkov Money
Roubles – As the most common currency in the game, they can easily be found in safes and other various locations. Accepted by Prapor (post-Soviet weapons and gear), Therapist (medical supplies, maps, and groceries), Fence (all kinds of items), Skier (weapons, ammunitions, and modifications), Mechanic (NATO weapons), and Ragman (clothing, armor, backpacks, tactical gear, rigs).
Euros – They can be found in safes at small amounts but mostly exchanged for Roubles by Skier, and used to buy from Skier and Therapist.
US Dollars – They can be found in safes at small amounts but mostly exchanged for Roubles by Peacekeeper, and used to buy from Peacekeeper.
Bitcoin – It can be mined using a rig, which is assembled in-game. It is used to buy from Mechanic.

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