Five Cosplay Rules that People Should Know

Cosplay is the activity or practice of dressing up as a character from a work of fiction, such as movie, anime, video game and TV drama and so on. This performance art has taken the world by storm, and is continuing to grow. In recent years, cosplay has been more and more prevalent around the world. There are tons of conventions for cosplayers to participate in. No matter you are an experienced cosplayers or a beginner, you should keep cosplay rules in mind when attending these conventions.

List of Five Cosplay Rules that People Should Know
1. Treat everybody with respect. Many cosplayers put huge amounts of time and effort into their work and are not doing it to please you, specifically. Thus, you should respect their work when participating in a convention. Personal attacks, name-calling, degrading, and shaming of any form are not welcome.
2. Ask a cosplayer for a picture with consent. If you ask the cosplayer for a picture politely, he/she will be willing to take one with you, but remember do not take others’ picture without permission.
3. Compliment cosplayers on their costume because a single accolade will make their day. Keep in mind that it is impolite to compare their costumes to other people. It’s a huge no-no and deemed as disrespectful to the cosplayer who has worked so hard to make their costume and props.
4. Meet and make lots of friends. Building friendships at a convention is a great way of getting to know one another. Don’t be a snob or jerk towards other people.
5. Obey and be mindful of a convention’s rules before you attend the site where it’s taking place. Then, just enjoy yourself in the world of cosplay.

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