How to become a pro Rocket League player in 2022

Using aerials to take control of the ball is a big part of the Rocket League, especially once you enter the higher ranks. This implies that to propel yourself into the air and control your car to move, dribble, aim, or clear the ball, you use your boost. If you want to climb in the ranks and become a Grand Champion, it comes in handy and is practically a requirement.

Unfortunately, others, even after playing through all the tutorials, struggle with this ability. There are some tips you can follow, however, to become a master of this skill quickly. You’re going to find yourself flying through the air in the Rocket League before long!

Save your boost

One mistake sometimes made by many beginners is that they keep the boost button-down and waste it all at once. This makes their aerial time very short, but even though it makes for some great memes, there is a way to fix this so that you can launch yourself across the entire field.

Try to tap it in a way that feathers the boost so that you remain airborne, but don’t waste it all at once, instead of keeping down the boost button. Another recommendation is to ensure that your boost is maintained on the deck so that when the time comes to perform an aerial, you have enough.

Positioning is important

Not positioning yourself properly is the main way to struggle to complete a good aerial, which will prevent you from being the MVP. At this point, it is difficult enough to get off the ground, let alone redirect your vehicle in the right direction.

Before attempting an aerial, you want to position yourself in the best optimal spot, so you ensure that you strike the ball where you want it to go. This is also a great tip because bad positioning will cause you to miss your chance to execute an aerial that might have prevented a goal on the defensive end.

Practice more

When it comes to aerials, practice makes better, and this is the best way of improving your game. To master the basics, you can use the guides, but nothing is as good as using this talent with your specific car in an actual game.

Rocket League: Tips Many pros started out in duos or trios by joining casual matches and taking every chance to ride in the air and strike the ball. The more you use it, the happier you’ll be, as it takes patience and time to learn how to do it efficiently.

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