How to Celebrate in Madden NFL 21

In Madden NFL 21, players have more control than ever in how they celebrate big plays like touchdowns, sacks, and open-field sprints to the endzone. If you’re one to showboat, this guide will teach you ways to celebrate in Madden NFL 21.

How to Celebrate When Carrying the Football

If you haven’t yet scored, but you cannot help but boast a touch, Madden NFL 21 now offers new celebration controls. While running with the football, hold down LT/L2 to perform one among several celebratory running styles. It appears the sport chooses these randomly once you activate it, so you will not be ready to choose precisely which celebration you perform.

Be careful though, as you’ll be much slower when celebrating like this, and your risk of fumbling the football drastically increases should a defender catch up to you amid your shenanigans.

How to Celebrate After an enormous Play

Sometimes after major moments during a game, you will be prompted to celebrate. Though you’ll elect to not by simply ignoring the prompt, if you are doing want to celebrate, you will be given four choices which may vary from several different categories like Team, Signature, Swagger, First Down, and Dance.

Depending on the play, you’ll be offered four different celebrations. to pick one, move the proper stick toward your preferred celebration option and your player will instantly perform the move.

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