How To Get More Nook Miles Tickets in Animal Crossing world

With Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s gimmick being the new island setting, every Animal Crossing game tries to add some form of new gimmick or setting that was not around in the previous games. To have more and more villagers on it you would want to continue building up the island, which you can do by going to other random islands and hiring them. We have already told you how to get your first free Nook Miles Ticket, but as you play through, you will certainly need several more and this guide will clarify how you can obtain them.

How to Get More Nook Miles Tickets

Although Bells is the store’s primary currency and pays off additional Tom Nook debts, Nook Miles plays a very important role. At the beginning of the game, these are added, as the first loan movement is paid off in Nook Miles. Specifically, to pay off that loan, which we discussed in another guide, you need 5,000 Nook Miles.

This will unlock a new level of shopping known as Nook Miles + after you pay off your 5,000 Nook Miles directly to Tom Nook, which you should be able to do on day two if you are doing everything you can. You can spend your Nook Miles on several things that can not be purchased anywhere with Bells, found at the terminal in Resident Services.

You won’t finally have access to Nook Miles Tickets, which are your secret to travel to other random islands until you unlock this. Access and pick Nook Shopping from the Nook Stop terminal. You can see a Nook Miles Ticket as the first thing that you can buy for 2,000 Nook Miles while there.

It’s simple to earn more Nook Miles, because with Nook Miles + you just keep completing tasks and turning them in to add to your total. Buy the ticket once you have enough, and you are ready to go. Before you get the free one from Tom Nook too you can even buy your first Nook Miles Ticket, so don’t feel like you have to wait if you have the Nook Miles to spare.

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December also marks Toy Day on December 24, in addition to birthdays. You’ll see your island becoming more cheerful with holiday-themed decorations throughout the month. Look especially for decorated trees, because if shaken, they will lose ornaments. These ornaments are used for crafting holiday furniture recipes.

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