How to get the Ghostbuster Car in Rocket League?check this out

How to get the Ghostbuster Car in Rocket League may be a common question by fans looking to snag the seasonal cosmetic.

If you had your hopes on leveling up during Haunted Hallows enough you’re unfortunately wrong. In Rocket League you’re ready to complete challenges and unlock specific items like the Ghostbuster Wheels, Slimer Topper, Mood Slime Boost, and more. you can’t get the Ecto-1 by completing a challenge.

The Ecto-1 was released future from Oct. 21. to Oct. 23, and was faraway from the shop then. The item itself cost 500 credits which is $5 and had two color options, red and blue. While you, unfortunately, cannot get the Ecto-1 anymore within the item shop, it’s been an item that was brought back for this October season. So who’s to mention they will not bring it back again?

Outside of the things you’ll get in by completing challenges, Psyonix added two new game modes for the Haunted Hallows event, Haunted Heatseeker and sedge. Haunted Heatseeker is Heatseeker but during a haunted Urban Arena. sedge will happen on a spread of night maps.

There will be more haunted items to feature to your car, so check the shop out before Haunted Hallows ends on Nov. 2.

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