How to Play Rocket League Tournaments

Although practicing your Rocket League skills on standard servers is enjoyable, joining a tournament presents a greater challenge.

However, getting into one isn’t easy, so we’ll walk you through what you need to do down below.

Rocket League Tournaments

Psyonix explains how tournaments function in the game as follows:

“Competitive Tournaments are 32-team single-elimination brackets based on the skill level of each team. Before the Semifinals and Finals, which are the best of three, teams play one match per game.

Teams who lose in the first round (or arrive after the Tournament begins) will join a Second Chance bracket for a second chance to win.”

How to enter Tournaments

Select ‘Tournaments’, which is the tile on the right of the top row, from the main menu, where you choose which mode to enter.

Then, with their start times, a list of available and upcoming tournaments will appear.
To actually enter one, you’ll need to be swift and prepared. Entry opens 15 minutes before the tournament begins, and tournaments typically sell out quickly.

Waiting on the menu right before a tournament you want to play opens is the safest thing to do.

Then, when the clock strikes 15 minutes before the tournament starts, wait about ten seconds before entering.

Many players have reported issues while attempting to join tournaments right away.
It appears that simply waiting a few seconds would prevent you from coming across it.

However, don’t wait too long because they always sell out.

If you still get an error, the best thing to do is exit Rocket League and restart the process, hoping that spaces are still open.

After that, you’ll be able to go head-to-head with your team in an attempt to win.

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