How Witch Summoner Build For Path Of Exile Works

In Path of Exile, the Breathstealer may be highly potent with minion builds, especially for Witch summoners like Necromancers. Because all of the modifiers from the deceased Rare monster pass to the Blighted Spore, it can gain affixes like the “Other Allies Cannot Die” Aura, thereby rendering both the players and their minions difficult to kill for the duration of the Blighted Spore or until it is killed instead. Necromancers have a special affinity for auras, which this build uses to provide any minion with a slew of buffs that stack on top of each other.

The major minions to use for this build are determined by the preferences of the players, as the build is quite versatile in terms of both gear and how it works, so either Summon Skeletons or Raise Zombie will suffice. Apart from two unique ones that will most likely be best in the slot for any minion skill in Path of Exile, Minion Damage, and Elemental Army, Support Gems are also interchangeable. The former is a standard damage multiplier, while the latter is far more fascinating because it increases minions’ tackiness while also raising their elemental damage and applying Exposure on impact, courtesy to the Elemental Resistance benefit.

What The Witch Summoner Build Needs In Path Of Exile

The primary recommendations are to obtain a “Trigger a Socketed Spell when you use a Skill” wand so that an Offering, Desecrate, and Convocation can be socketed in the weapon, and to acquire a “Trigger a Socketed Spell when you use a Skill” wand so that an Offering, Desecrate, and Convocation can be socketed in the weapon. Another handy affix is “Recover x percent of Life when you Block,” which is very handy for Necromancers who are utilizing Bone Offering, Rumi’s Concoction, and collecting a couple of Block nodes from the passive tree.

This will keep the Necromancer safe at all times, thanks to the Life gained from Block and other vital buffs like Basalt Flast, which reduces incoming physical damage. The Lifetap Support is a new feature in Path of Exile that may be employed to allow Spectres to cast utility boosts more frequently.

The remaining passive points should be used to boost the character’s life, add generic utility nodes, and, of course, increase minon damage and the maximum number of summoned minions with Death Attunement. There are no required keystones, however, Elemental Equilibrium can help you keep debuffs on enemies for longer, and Unwavering Stance can help you escape being stunned. Mistress of Sacrifice, Commander of Darkness, Mindless Aggression, and either Unnatural Strength or Bone Barrier for the Necromancer’s Ascendancy nodes, depending on whether players want more damage or survivability with their Uber Labyrinth nodes.

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