Let’s check out what New events and items will show in ACNH on September

Animal Crossing gets changes every month. Month to month, seasonal Animal Crossing items, seasonal events, critter spawns, and more can all change. There are numerous new critters (some of which can earn a lot of bells for players) and events in September, including a handful that are making their New Horizons debuts.

August is nearly finished, and September is on the way. Here are all the new events and items that will be available next month.

New events and items in September

Grape Harvest Festival

The Grape Harvest Festival is the first event in September, and it is a recurring event. Every year, it commemorates a real-life event conducted in Spain, Italy, France, and Germany. In Animal Crossing, it lasts the entire month of September. The Grape Harvest Festival Backpack, which costs 800 Animal Crossing bells, is the only item available for this event.


The second event, which will take place in September at New Horizons, is a brand-new event. The festival of Chuseok will take place from September 12 to 21. Isabella will be at the event plaza every day, and when Animal Crossing players talk to her, she will give them goodies. Songpyeons, which are furnishing items, will be awarded to players. Chuseok is a Chinese harvest festival that also serves as a symbol of hope for the coming year.

Moon Viewing Day

Moon Viewing Day is not a new event, but it will return from September 12-21, coinciding with the Chuseok festival. When Animal Crossing players talk to Isabelle during this event, she will also share fun facts and rewards with them. During this event, players will be offered moon cakes.

Summer Bug Off in Northern Hemisphere

With the northern hemisphere transitioning from Summer to Autumn, it’s time to bring the Summer Bug Off contest to a close. As a result, September will see the fourth and final bug off of 2021, as well as another chance to earn some limited-time items you may have missed from previous events, such as the Butterfly Backpack and Ladybug Shirt. Players in the northern hemisphere, for example, can meet Flick at the resident services on September 25th to participate; however, those in the southern hemisphere will have to wait until November when the second round of bug-off events begins in the Summer.

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