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As we konw Escape From Tarkov is that the first person shooter game, you mainly need a powerful weapon. You’ll choose from wide selection of weapons within the EFT. You’ll use the long-ranged precision rifle with high-caliber rounds or something just like the SMG for the close combat, or even you only prefer the classic assault rifles with many variants for weapon customization. Nice AK or M4 costs between 100-200 thousands of roubles in Tarkov. But you’ll also need modules for it. Maybe an Optic Sight with 4.0x or simple Holo sight, a silencer for stealth action and a foregrip to stop the recoil. It’ll cost you about half a million!  And this is often only a weapon! Imagine spending a few million EFT roubles to get nice armor and other equipment every raid! the simplest tier military armor could cause you to a bankrupt!  And you would like many ammo, medicine, maybe some hand grenades. And don’t ditch insurance before going call at the Escape From Tarkov. You’ll lost everything during a second after your respawn! Also you’ll got to upgrade your shelter. Imagine having the ability to shop for everything, even the Bitcoin miner and new ventilation. But it also requires tons of resources and money from you. You ought to buy tons of video cards to form the mining station. It’ll cost you about 3 million! Crazy price, isn’t it? So if you would like to shop for the complete loadout within the Escape Tarkov, you would like to shop for about two or three many roubles. But this is often not the end! You’ll need the special keys or keycards to open the loot stashes on some locations. It’s really important for Lab raid. You’ll require tons of keycards there to urge the simplest loot. But you’ll easily buy roubles within the Escape From Tarkov on today!

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