Madden NFL 17 is the most complete crazy

“Madden NFL 17” is Electronic Arts produced a series of games released in 2016 new work, for the succession of the previous play, joined the new mechanisms and systems, making the game more complex and rich, the For the game cover characters are played for the New England Patriots Rob Lengkowski, the players can be for the Madden limit or draft championship play with your team all the way in the Madden NFL 17 has a new body Pro local functions, in the deepest franchise mode, so far, will your team run the center of the tournament. Armed your team on both sides of the ball with the glory of the ball with innovative ball vector feedback tips, the defender fake out mechanics and a new, authentic defense AI system. Driven by the most balanced game, as well as fun and fresh way, such as the final team and draft title, the play mode, Madden NFL 17 is the most complete crazy.

Book your copy today and receive up to $ 15 bonus content, including nine crazy NFL 17 ranking tickets and up to seven Madden NFL 17 ultimate team packages. But if you buy cheap Madden 17 Coins at, then you will be more likely to get a temporary package so that you will create a strong team in the game.


Ballistic feedback system: new tips and path aids help identify defensive threats and suggest special measures to escape any defender.

Pass and quickly counter: Simplify defensive play. Think about what your opponent will do, but do not know the defensive formation to stop it? Decided to defend the pass or run, let your defense to rest. With the most realistic defense AI so far, based on the current NFL strategy, the new “Gap Play” puts your defender in the box, the location stops running while your area defense provides a pass coverage.

Special team: welcome the special team back to Madden NFL excitement. The ability of the ice hock to match the challenges of today’s key site goals try, while the new elements of the risk and reward through the trick and prevent the kick can now change the outcome of any game in a game.


Play time: experience to join faster than ever. Jumping into the game definition of the game, the drive and the situation are important to you, speeding up your experience and offering more fun. Is your team rebuilding in a year? Back to the playoffs and won the championship with the new Play the Moments.

Game planning: Weekly know your opponent’s tendency, then choose the right fight, attack and oppose these tendencies in the game. When preparing for the next opponent, both the user and the computer simulator, this new strategic level offers more diversity and more fun. Once you are in the game, expect to see a team boost your game that has been practiced to help you get this key score or defensive stand to win.

Big decision: the important moment to come to you, at the right time to get the right information. Do you start your star QB with lingering damage, or go to your unconfirmed reserve with the playoff point online? Big decision to start your career mode new direction, offer more strategies, more control and more fun.

Community requirements: Several Madden NFL communities offer the highest requirements of the franchise model with increased practice squad, comprehensive player editors, and games in the stock, allowing you to update scores from the league.


Comments: Madden NFL 17 offers us the most authentic comment in Madden NFL history, adding a whole new team in the studio, Brandon Gordon and Charles Davis. Through the annual team, comments have been completely rebuilt from scratch, providing players with unprecedented depth and analysis. Ability to provide content updates throughout the NFL season, experience fresh and dynamic reviews throughout the season!

The camera focuses on you: the new, real broadcast camera puts you in the center of the story, creating a more immersive experience from the practice to the Super Bowl.

The sound of the game: the audio in the game never sounds so real, from the click to the crowd reaction and everything between. Almost every sound in the game has been redesigned and re-recorded in the world-class pine studio.


Madden NFL 17 Ultimate Team: The Madden NFL 17 Ultimate Team (MUT) is using your favorite NFL team from past and present to the complete NFL team building model. Buy money through the online store to buy the package, where you can trade and auction the project on the road construction and content updates.

Champion draft: like fantasy football? Then you will love the championship. Get all the excitement from drafting a fantasy team and competing at Madden NFL. First of all, you are the general manager, through the draft to build your team. Then take your team to the grill on several fast-paced games Madden NFL.

Madden finally found the comfort zone between it, and the attack and defense to achieve a great balance. The community’s desire for the game is given a new focus, the privileged pattern, led by the moment of function. In addition to its agitated commentator, Madden 17 is waiting for us because EA Sports has complete control over the NFL license. Football came back, it’s only one or two seconds to become a full-time great.Like a small partner can go to the major stores to buy.

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