Rocket League Celebrates New Gridiron Game Mode for Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is approaching, and producer Psyonix of the Rocket League has chosen to add to the professional car soccer game his own version of the big game. Players of the Rocket League will try out a brand new game mode called Gridiron on Feb. 2. The event is expected to run until Feb. 8 and includes in-store event challenges and an NFL Fan Pack.

The Gridiron transforms a soccer field into a football field. Instead of a boring old soccer ball, it’s a four-on-four game of true American football on the field. Touching the football adds it to the car’s windshield, making the car the carrier of the ball. The ball carrier becomes someone who touches the ball, meaning players can set up a cool pass for a team, or a bad boy can take the football away from your car.

By dodging, you can pass the ball as well, but double jumping would drop the bar off the top of the vehicle. For all you sports heads out there, it sounds like a nice time. Back in the summer of 2020, Rocket League went free-to-play, available on consoles and the Epic Games Store. The full rule set, along with details on the event, is available on our

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