Rocket League: good defense will bring you victory

Rocket League is packed with action, and the Psyonic developers’ idea of combining racing and football is a great one. You can choose from a variety of game settings in the game, and you may test your talents in online matches.

If you add the “playlist” chaos to the mix, you’ll find that there are eight players on the field with no talents or who play without any game strategy. To some extent, this also applies to matches in which you battle against solely AI opponents. Your trusty Rocket League Trading store – LOLGA gives you some defense strategies as well as helpful tips and methods for a winning gaming strategy in this guide.

Basic “Defense” Tactics Strategies

1. Kickoff

It’s critical to keep focused. All players are off the ball at the start of the game. A common blunder is to turn around and drive towards your goal when you spot an opponent on the ball and you are the next player on your team who is at the same distance from the ball as the opponent. When a good player has a free shot, he shoots it right away; you won’t make it back to the goal anyway.

Hurry back between the goalposts and try to fend off the ball when one or more of your teammates gets closer to it.

2. Holding the ball or hitting it away

Of course, being a fantastic goalie and, for example, fending off 5-10 goals in a game and then playing to “zero” is desirable. Then you are the game’s hero.

The basic strategy is to knock the ball away, ideally in the direction of the opponent’s goal. You can react fast if the boost is best left in the semicircle around the gate, with each boost in one of these fields (see screenshot). If you’re a defender, stay inside the range of these fields.

3. Counters are slamming into each other

Ramming the opponent is a highly aggressive approach, but it can backfire as well. It just leads to you landing someplace on the pitch, usually far away from the ball, especially if you want to perform jumps and crush your opponent in the air.

4. Boosts

Boosts are a crucial component of any strong defense. So make sure to replenish your boosters as often as feasible. This allows you to simultaneously cover and secure multiple places on the field. So, if you conduct a defensive movement, replace the boosts as soon as possible so you can move on to the next action. For rapid assaults or counters, boosts are also required.

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