Some easy-make recipes for beginners in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The simplest and most practical ACNH recipes are those designed for beginners. Here are a few to help new players get their islands decorated.

The simplest recipes are those that require the fewest ingredients and are readily available to inexperienced players. The modest island is furnished with some of the best early recipes. The DIY for Beginners Recipe Set, which can be purchased early on from Timmy in the Resident’s Services tent for 480 Animal Crossing Bells, is one of the greatest places to start. The collection includes six recipes that are excellent for beginners when creating their first Animal Crossing island.

Hay Bed

The Hay bed, which just requires weeds to make, can be found in the DIY Beginners package. On a fresh island, it is simple to collect 20 weeds because they are spread out throughout the uninhabited wilderness. This beginner bed, which can be used in a tent or starter home, can be made by players once they have 20 weeds. After that, players can move this Hay bed because it makes a nice addition to farm regions as a decoration.

Wooden Toy

Since the wooden block toy is a static ornament that players and villagers cannot interact with, it might not seem like the logical choice for beginners. However, additional recipes later in the game utilize this item as one of the ingredients, making it a great and valuable recipe. The wooden block toy is simple to make because it only requires three softwoods.

Stone Stool

Stone stools make excellent early seating and give inhabitants a place to congregate on an Animal Crossing player’s island utopia. Later on in the game, for a more rustic feel, players can organize them into outdoor seating areas. Three stones can be used to create a Stone stool, which can be utilized in a variety of locations and is a good spot to sit in a tent or beginning home.


The ocarina, which is also included in the DIY Beginners set, is a fantastic early-game musical instrument. For a beginner player, making the ocarina is simple because the recipe only for five pieces of clay. It’s adorable to play the ocarina for elderly people because occasionally they’ll sing or dance. The villagers will occasionally play the ocarina themselves if one is left out, just as they will with any other musical instrument they come across on the island.

Old-Fashioned Washtub

An attractive early-game decoration that is also quite easy to make is the Old-Fashioned Wash Tub. Only three softwood, which is simple to find, are required in Animal Crossing, making it quick and easy for new players to farm the materials they need. The tub is great for decorating at first and can be utilized to add a cute touch to a camping area.

Frying pan

The recipe is good to have, but the frying pan isn’t particularly helpful for new players because it subsequently creates a lovely kitchen decoration.

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