Some tips from LOLGA to help you to master car control in Rocket League

Few things are more important in Rocket League than mastering car control. Here are some pointers to help you succeed.

Rocket League is one of the best competitive games released in the last ten years. With the community larger than it has ever been, new and returning players alike are dedicated to rising through the ranks and becoming a champion. Ball control is one of the most important aspects of Rocket League gameplay.

The champions are distinguished from the platinum and diamond players by their advanced ball control techniques. Inexperienced and seasoned Rocket League players alike will benefit from the following professional tips for better vehicle control and ball possession.

Today we are going to talk about some skills to control the vehicle.

Landing Straight

Another basic trick that even experienced players overlook is landing straight. It is critical for a player to position oneself for the first touch before gaining possession of the ball. When a vehicle is in the air in Rocket League, players should concentrate on landing in the desired direction. Players will have a considerably easier time fighting an opponent’s next hit if they position themselves correctly.

Toggling Ball Cam

Many intermediate and advanced players don’t toggle their ball cam often enough. The ball cam should be turned off while players try to dribble and control the ball on the ground. Turning off the ball cam has two benefits for the player. The first benefit is increased mobility and control as you go ahead. The second advantage is that gamers can line up their vehicle in a straight line. The ball cam will make it easier for players to balance and direct the ball. When players are not dribbling, they should use ball cam to track the ball’s trajectory and detect player positioning.


While it may appear to be a no-brainer, backflipping is one of the most effective ways to win and keep possession of the ball. Most opponents will be surprised by the backflip hit, and players who can convert the hit into possession will have an advantage over the opposing team. Players must first master the half-flip, which is performed by pressing up on the thumbstick after performing a backflip with the ball cam off. Gamers can use the half-flip or flip cancel in conjunction with an air roll to immediately face the opposite direction while keeping possession of the ball.

Popping Up The Ball

Popping the ball onto the roof of the car is one of the most critical steps in learning to dribble and control the ball. Professionals appear to manage the ball and bring it onto the bonnet of their automobile with ease. However, there are a few steps that gamers must master before they can dribble like a pro. To pop up the ball, simply boost toward it and then tap the left trigger to slow down before hitting it. In Rocket League, the key to gaining control of the ball is to move quickly enough to pick up the ball while remaining balanced. A quick training session will assist new players to get a feel for how fast they should go before making contact with the ball.

Side To Side Scoop

Using the side of the automobile to scoop the ball one way and then the other is one of the most successful intermediate dribbling strategies. Gamers can use this strategy by driving alongside and turning into the ball. Either the ball will scoop or roll to the opposite side of the car. Lower-division Rocket League players can succeed with the approach, and it is one of the best ways to learn car control in the game.

Ball Indicator And Size

When the ball cam is turned off, a white circle indicates where the ball will strike the ground. The indicator will also show the distance between the ball and the field. Players who want to trap and dribble the ball can use the indication to get a precise hit or trap right before their first touch. When the ball is immediately above a player, the signal is also useful.

Balancing A Trapped Ball

Balance is the next stage players must acquire to become exceptional dribblers, whether they pop the ball up or trap it out of the air. Players should imagine themselves balancing a ball on a book as they approach the hitbox. Players must shuffle to the left when the ball falls to the left to recover equilibrium.


There are six different hitboxes in Rocket League. Each vehicle has a rectangular hitbox that extends beyond the vehicle’s visible features. Players who wish to enhance their control can study the hitbox of the vehicle they’re driving and concentrate on how the hitbox will make contact with the ball. Spending time in training is a good approach to figure out where the hitbox is. The ball does not truly make contact with the automobile, as gamers will notice. After getting a feel for a car’s hitbox, Rocket League players can progress to more complex techniques.

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