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Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.04 update released some animal statues with the theme of the Chinese zodiac

A collection of zodiac-themed animal statues appears to have been hidden in the recent Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.04 update.

Players will soon be able to purchase a variety of new seasonal items, including zodiac animal figurines and traditional New Year’s celebration items from across the world, according to Animal Crossing World.

Dataminers have discovered that Nintendo has added 11 new Zodiac animal statues, starting with the Zodiac Tiger Figurine, which will be sold for 1,600 Animal Crossing bells through the seasonal tab at Nook Shopping from December 22, 2021 until January 5, 2022.

On the other side, The remaining 10 figurines will be issued one at a time towards the end of each year. This indicates that the Zodiac Rabbit Figurine will be released in 2022/3, the Zodiac Dragon Figurine in 2023/4, and so on. Below is a complete list of the new figures, as well as an estimate of when they will be available on Nook Shopping.

• Zodiac Tiger Figurine – Dec 2021 – Jan 2022

• Zodiac Rabbit Figurine – Dec 2022 – Jan 2023

• Zodiac Dragon Figurine – Dec 2023 – Jan 2024

• Zodiac Snake Figurine – Dec 2024 – Jan 2025

• Zodiac Horse Figurine – Dec 2025 – Jan 2026

• Zodiac Sheep Figurine – Dec 2026 – Jan 2027

• Zodiac Monkey Figurine – Dec 2027 – Jan 2028

• Zodiac Rooster Figurine – Dec 2028 – Jan 2029

• Zodiac Dog Figurine – Dec 2029 – Jan 2030

• Zodiac Boar Figurine – Dec 2030 – Jan 2031

• Zodiac Pig Figurine – Dec 2030 – Jan 2031 (double year with Boar)

• Zodiac Rat Figurine – Dec 2031 – Jan 2032

• Zodiac Ox Figurine – Dec 2032 – Jan 2033 (repeat from Dec 2020)

If you’re playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons in 2034, you may rest confident that these will continue to be introduced to Nook Shopping in the same order as the Chinese zodiac/Lunar calendar in real life.

Like last year, Nook Shopping will have a number of other New Year’s items available for players to buy during the festive season, including the 2022 celebratory balloon arch (2,022 bells), New Year’s noodles (1,300 bells), New Year’s shimekazari (2,000 bells), Fizzy apple juice (1,000 bells), and more.

OK, at last, LOLGA wishes you a happy new year in advance.

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Animal Crossing – How to get the most ACNH Bells in one day

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, bells are possibly the most important item. Here are a few ways for players to earn a lot of Bells.

Because bells are undoubtedly the most significant item in Animal Crossing, gamers will want to learn how to get the most per day. Bells are a mainstay of the Animal Crossing series, and players in New Horizons can earn Animal Crossing bells in a variety of old and new ways each day.

Bells are the game’s currency, and they may be used to buy tools, furniture, clothes, and a range of other stuff. Bells can also be used to pay off the player’s debts to Tom Nook, which are required to upgrade the player’s home or to fund town construction projects. As a result, Bells are incredibly valuable, and players will strive to obtain as many as possible.

Finding the money rock is one of the simplest ways to earn Bells every day in Animal Crossing. Once hit with a shovel, one rock on the player’s island will provide bags of Bells every day. Players should hit the correct rock as quickly as possible until it stops producing Bells. Players can either open the bags right away to get the Bells, or they can plant them to grow a Money Tree, which will produce more bags of Bells for them to gather.

Other Ways to get ACNH Bells

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players can shake trees to find additional Bells in addition to the money rock. At least two trees have the opportunity to drop furniture or just plain Bells every day. If the player loves the furniture collected from trees, it can be kept or sold at Nook’s Cranny for extra bells.

Furthermore, selling bugs and fish is a quick and easy way to make Bells throughout the day. At all times of the day, different varieties of bugs and fish can be discovered around the island, allowing players to hunt and fish to their hearts’ content. While players may wish to give the first creature of a particular sort to the Museum or display them in their homes, these animals are rarely useful beyond that. As a result, selling them at Nook’s Cranny is an excellent way to make Bells. The same can be done with fossils that have previously been contributed.

Aside from bugs and fish, users can acquire and sell a variety of collectibles that arrive on a daily basis. Fruit from fruit trees, as well as seashells collected on the beach, can be sold for a consistent daily profit. Every day, Nook’s Cranny has a ‘Hot Item’ of the day, so if players can get their hands on it, they can sell it for double the earnings that day.

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Some easy ways to help you to make ACNH Bells quickly

For its players, ACNH reflects the natural environment. Some real-life games, do not incorporate certain parts of life into their gameplay. This game, on the other hand, functions differently.

When players add a residence to their island in ACNH, it costs money, just like it does in the real world. Purchasing items and paying debts is an unavoidable aspect of life. Animal Crossing has also incorporated such monotonous activities.

To pay for things like a mortgage, players use Animal Crossing Bells instead of money. Tom Nook, an in-game character, is in charge of collecting the dues, making him somewhat of a villain in the game.

As a result, bells are required for ACNH gamers. A lack of bells can be problematic. It’s unclear what Tom Nook does to gamers who don’t pay up, but there are some fan suggestions. These theories are disconcerting to say the least.

However, to proceed in the game, players must obtain bells, which can be a time-consuming and tiresome chore. There are, however, faster ways to obtain bells, and this post will go through a number of them.

Easy ways to make ACNH bells

Converting Nook Miles

Completing the challenges in the Nook Miles app will earn the player Nook Miles, which can be used to buy Bell Vouchers. This is one of the finest methods to gain ACNH bells, as 500 Nook Miles will yield you 3,000 bells.

Money trees

Money, they say, doesn’t grow on trees, but in Animal Crossing, it can. Bells can be located at the shining patches on the ground, and players can dig for them. Players can bury bells once they’ve dug a hole. After burying 10,000 bells and planting a tree on top, players will see that the tree produces 30,000 bells in a few days. This is a fantastic method to earn money while you sleep.

Sell bugs and fish

Catching and selling bugs and fish is one way to earn bells early in the game. Blathers should be given new species, although conventional fish can be traded in for bells. The Golden Trout has a premium price tag, so keep an eye out for it. Peacock butterflies are also worth a lot of money.

Sell turnips

Turnips are similar to the Animal Crossing stock market exchange. Purchasing them at the correct price from Nook’s Cranny will get players a large number of bells. Because the price fluctuates every day, they sell high and buy cheap. This can be difficult, and, like the stock market, it can lead to losses. If players can figure out the trends, this can be a lucrative way to gain bells.

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Animal Crossing: players can be able to find eggs as early as today

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Bunny Day is almost back. Bunny Day was the first occurrence in Animal Crossing: New Horizons when it was released in March 2020, so this will be the first time an event returns. While the event will not go live for another week, small elements of Bunny Day, such as egg hunts, are already taking place.

Nintendo recently set the stage for Bunny Day with a New Horizons update that addressed a few bugs and made way for the Easter-themed celebration. While Bunny Day is April 4, 2021, players can notice eggs hidden around the island earlier.

Another factor the Bunny Day egg hunt was unappealing was that it took away a lot of the normal gameplay for players. Since Bunny Day was just a few weeks after the well-received Animal Crossing was released, some players’ first experience with the game was digging up or fishing eggs instead of the usual variety of creatures and items, which grew obnoxious over time. It’s possible that this year’s Bunny Day and egg hunt will be different.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is currently the second-best-selling Nintendo Switch game of all time, which is amazing considering it was only released a year ago. Bunny Day is only one example of how Nintendo keeps the game updated with ongoing seasonal activities, which contributes to the game’s success.

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