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Venus pairs with Nintendo to create a skin-inclusive island in  wildly-popular Animal Crossing video game - Bizwomen


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Animal Crossing: players can be able to find eggs as early as today

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Bunny Day is almost back. Bunny Day was the first occurrence in Animal Crossing: New Horizons when it was released in March 2020, so this will be the first time an event returns. While the event will not go live for another week, small elements of Bunny Day, such as egg hunts, are already taking place.

Nintendo recently set the stage for Bunny Day with a New Horizons update that addressed a few bugs and made way for the Easter-themed celebration. While Bunny Day is April 4, 2021, players can notice eggs hidden around the island earlier.

Another factor the Bunny Day egg hunt was unappealing was that it took away a lot of the normal gameplay for players. Since Bunny Day was just a few weeks after the well-received Animal Crossing was released, some players’ first experience with the game was digging up or fishing eggs instead of the usual variety of creatures and items, which grew obnoxious over time. It’s possible that this year’s Bunny Day and egg hunt will be different.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is currently the second-best-selling Nintendo Switch game of all time, which is amazing considering it was only released a year ago. Bunny Day is only one example of how Nintendo keeps the game updated with ongoing seasonal activities, which contributes to the game’s success.

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ACNH November Update – Animal Crossing New Horizons November Events

Even though Nintendo has not announced the 1.6.0 version of Animal Crossing New Horizons, you continue to have many things to try to do in November. There are an upcoming Harvest Festival (Thanksgiving), new Animal Crossing Items, and materials. Note the morning announcements of Isabelle to avoid missing the right time for collecting ACNH November DIY recipes and seasonal materials. Here we’ll also list all the seasonal items within the ACNH November update and what else you’ll expect.

There is a complete of 12 mushroom items and 9 maple leaf items available in November, apart from that, Harvest series furniture is often expected within the ACNH November items collection or early December update.

ACNH Harvest Update

The first event is scheduled in November is that the ACNH Harvest Festival update, also referred to like Thanksgiving, featuring Franklin, the turkey character who will make his introduction in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Franklin always plays a crucial role for the Harvest Festival within the previous Animal Crossing series, you’d make a meal with him and gather food items from your villagers for him, the food items also called ingredients, including regular ingredients and secret ingredients, the latter is harder to urge. But if you’ve got collected the item Franklin required, he will offer you a Harvest series furniture because of the reward. The Harvest or Thanksgiving update is coming at the top of November.

ACNH November DIY Recipes & New Materials

When it involves the new materials in November, firstly we will see mushrooms appearing throughout the entire of November (November 1 – November 30), players can attempt to gather different mushrooms under trees. there’s a complete of 5 different mushrooms, including Skinny Mushroom, Round Mushroom, Flat Mushroom, Rare Mushroom, and stylish Mushroom, helping you craft this series of ACNH furniture items with the mush DIY recipes. There are new 12 recipes and items which will be made up of these mushrooms. make certain to shoot down balloons for obtaining the DIYs before the top date.

The following is that the list of all ACNH mushroom items and recipes:

• Mushroom Wreath: limb ×10, Round Mushroom ×1, Skinny Mushroom ×1, Flat Mushroom ×1

• Mushroom Screen: Skinny Mushroom ×3

• Mushroom Log: Skinny Mushroom ×2, Log Stool ×1

• Mushroom Table: Flat Mushroom x2, Wood x6

• Mushroom Forest Wall: Elegant Mushroom x2, Round Mushroom x2, Skinny Mushroom x2, Flat – Mushroom x2, Wood x10

• Mushroom Lamp: Skinny Mushroom x1, Clay x5

• Mushroom Stool: Round Mushroom x2

• Mushroom Flooring: Rare Mushroom x1, Skinny Mushroom x2, Flat Mushroom x2, Weeds x10

• Mushroom Parasol: Flat Mushroom x3

• Mushroom Wallpaper: Elegant Mushroom x1, Round Mushroom x1, Skinny Mushroom x1, Flat Mushroom x1

• Mushroom Wand: Skinny Mushroom x3, Star Fragment x3

• Mushroom Umbrella: Flat Mushroom x3

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Animal Crossing Would Continue to Evolve to Attract Global Players

Recently, Aya Kyogoku, director of Animal Crossing New Horizons, accepted an interview by CEDEC, in which Kyogoku discussed the history and future of the Animal Crossing and the popularity of the series stems from its uniqueness in each version. Here is part of the content.

“While this is the real pleasure of developing a series, it is also the most difficult point,” she said, adding that the development team had realised over the years that Animal Crossing series “cannot be sustained without change.”

“Protecting IP is not synonymous with protecting product specifications from manuals. Games are entertainment, so you will definitely get tired of making the same things,” she explained.

“In order for the series to continue to exist as an IP and for many people to enjoy it for a long time, it is important to continue to challenge and change with the times.

Since release on March 2020, Animal Crossing New Horizons has attracted millions of players throughout the whole world. It was Animal Crossing New Horizons’ key innovations and achievements that changed each phase of gameplay and appealed players to play more the game. To attract more players, the developer will try their best to make it more interesting.

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