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Let’s check out what improvement were made in POE PATCH 3.13.1

The latest patch for Path of Exile brings a small chunk of fixes which should make your experience a tad more enjoyable.

Remember, in order to see these improvements, you will need to reboot your client. This patch 3.13.1d applies to the Invites from Maven, which will now inform you which bosses were experienced. Furthermore, loading has seen an enhancement. Once you display fullscreen UI tables, textures won’t reload either. Some bug fixes are also included in the patch, including:

• Fixed a bug where the Alternate Quality effect on Anomalous Golem gems wasn’t working correctly.

• Fixed a bug where the Guardian’s Aid Atlas Passive node could sometimes fail to activate.

• Fixed a visual bug where Zana’s Map Device modifiers weren’t displayed in the list of map modifiers after entering a map.

• Fixed a bug where the Alternate Quality effect on the Phantasmal Earthquake gem wasn’t working correctly.

• Fixed a visual bug introduced with 3.13.1c that could occur when hovering over amulets and cluster jewels.

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What Has Made Path of Exile So Popular Among Gamers?

Path of Exile is a free-to-play online action RPG under development of Grinding Gear Games. It is a complex game with unique currency systems and character progression. Since release in 2013, it has had millions of players all over the world as well as a high ranking among those video games of the same genre. Its popularity has some reasons. Here are some of the features that make it sought-after throughout the world.

Unique Currency System
As we all know, there’s no “gold” in Path of Exile. The currency system in Path of Exile revolves around a variety of different orbs and scrolls. Like the gear, all these orbs and scrolls have their own value and uses. They all play a role in crafting that perfect piece for your build.

Deep Skill System
Path of Exile has a deep learning curve, skill tree is one of the things. It allows you to customize your character. Each class uses the same skill tree, but starts at different points. It matters a lot for your upgrade in the game. Moreover, there are lots of things for players to learn in passive skill tree. It takes the form of gems which are freely slotted into and moved around your gear. The gems sockets in your have randomized links to other gem sockets, up to 6 linked sockets. Skills like spells and attacks can be supported by linked support gems to increase their power.

Character Builds
The huge diversity of character builds is also another major attraction in Path of Exile. Besides the gear, there are two main things that help to build your character, namely passive tree and skill gems. Its massive passive tree has been one of the most popular features of the game since its release, which has only grown further and become more balanced with time. It’s simply one of those games that allows theory crafters to run wild with their build imaginations, discuss with peers and then take it for a test drive in game.

Endgame Content
Compared with Diablo, Path of Exile offers the most endgame content and replay value. Primarily, players will make final victory when they are done with campaign on all difficulties, which is usually by the time you are in level 60’s. The core feature of endgame is the mapping system. If you have played the similar games, you may have experienced this in other games, but Path of Exile adds its own fresh idea by introducing ‘craftable’ maps. Like the gear, you can craft all maps to make them more challenging and fun. In return, it brings you more rewards for the amount of challenge you pursue. Mapping is the best way to gear and level up for late game.

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