Things That Will Ruin Your Experience in Rocket League

Rocket League is an online game developed by Psyonix. Since release, it has received numerous praises at both home and abroad. For all Rocket League gamers, it is an interesting game to play but there are actually some things you will meet to ruin your experience in Rocket League when you are playing the game.

Have you ever encountered something in Rocket League that makes you upset? If you are just starting to play the game, you’d better have a look at the following things so that you can avoid to do such things.
Chatters – Players that constantly chat in game with other players either for argument purposes or just for talking. They sometimes miss a ball or a save due to this.

Ball Chaser Accusers – This one is one of the popular ones. The moment you go for a shot that your teammate thinks is “sketchy” they spam you in chat accusing you as a ball chaser. “Stop chasing the ball!” “Could you rotate?” If you do notice that you are ball chasing, start rotating and do not respond. If you notice your teammate is ball chasing or not rotating, do not take your anger out in chat. Either play more defensively or just ignore it.

Sensitive Teammates – Teammates that are way too sensitive and decide that enough is enough and start scoring on your own net. Seriously man? It’s just a game. Chill out.

“What A Save” – Immediately after the other team scores, they spam quick chat with “What a Save!” Sometimes, you can just ignore it, but it really does piss me off. If you ever encounter a “What A Save!” player, again, do not respond. Keep your finger off of that chat button. It causes a lot more issues.

“Great Pass!” – When you try to centre the ball but it goes way off course, your teammate hits you with that “Great Pass!” basically telling you: Wtf was that pass m8, that was the worst pass I have ever seen.” Ignore it. Do not respond.

The Goalie – When your teammate stays in net. He saves a goal and rotates right back to the net. You can’t exactly do anything about this.

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