What Animal Crossing: New Horizons items will bring in the most bells?

For players, they all know selling turnips is the most profitable Animal Crossing pastime, however, there are other ways for players to earn money through crafting.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there are few effective ways to become wealthy, and repeatedly playing the turnip market wears you out very soon. Sadly, buying and selling turnips is the game’s most profitable activity, especially for those who frequently visit other villages online. Although it is a rather routine and easy operation, gamers who have spent a lot of time gathering resources deserve a more satisfying source of bells.

Even though it is difficult to match the enormous wealth turnips can generate on a weekly basis, resources can occasionally be quite valuable, and they can still make an ACNH villager wealthy with Bells. Non-native fruits cost 500 ACNH Bells each, but ridiculously rare gold and blue roses, which need days to breed, sell for 1000 Bells each. Even though they can’t be farmed, catchable species can occasionally fetch thousands of Bells: Tom Nook would buy specific marine critters for 15,000 Bells each, while rare mushrooms, which can only be found in the fall, are worth 16,000 Bells.

The problem with valuable craftable goods is that they frequently call for a surplus of rare materials. However, players who have accumulated a hoard of gold nuggets and other treasures may as well sell their surplus in the most advantageous manner possible. Generally, the amount of effort required does not correspond to the price of the item. These Animal Crossing DIY furniture items are available year-round and do not include event furniture, some of which sell for over 15,000 Bells and are even more valuable on the player market.

Trophy Case And Street Piano: Over 20,000 Bells

The two most expensive constructed items in the game are the Trophy Case and Street Piano. Only “jock” villagers like Billy and Sterling can give you the Trophy Case DIY recipe, which calls for hardwood, six iron nuggets, and three gold nuggets. The scarcest resource here will probably be gold nuggets, but for players with the money, the Trophy Case costs a staggering 33,690 Bells. With a selling price of 26,755 Bells, the Street Piano is a less spectacular item that may be seen on many “best sellable items” lists.

Blue Rose Wreath & Gold Rose Wreath: 20,000 Bells

Any player whose main objective is to quickly become rich should not even consider mass-producing these items. Blue and gold roses are the most difficult ACNH hybrid flowers to crossbreed, as has already been mentioned. Breeding uncommon hybrid flowers is a painful procedure that necessitates a lot of real-time waiting. A blue rose wreath may be made for 10 blue roses, and a gold rose wreath can be made for 10 gold roses, by any player who has already endured the breeding process. Players can earn twice as many Bells by selling the wreaths than they would by selling the flowers separately because each one sells for 20,000 Bells.

Iron Frame & Shell Arch: Under 20,000 Bells

Both the iron frame and the shell arch are reasonably priced items that can be sold, but at least the iron frame is simple to make. Its DIY recipe is obtained from jock villagers and calls for 20 iron nuggets, which are a plentiful resource. Each iron frame costs 15,000 Bells, making them valuable items for villagers looking to maximize their use of Animal Crossing’s arduous crafting system after investing a lot of time in mining. The player needs three of each sort of shell to complete the shell arch, which calls for six different types of shells of various rarity. Although there are shells on beaches, it is difficult to find that many.

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